Captain Sandy Yawn

Grab your life preservers – literally – because season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean is here! 

This year the crew takes off for Italy where they will infect the pristine blue waters with their toxic cesspool of fighting and inappropriate nudity – all led by the erstwhile Captain Sandy Yawn

The almost brand new crew will be aboard the Motor Yacht Talisman Maiton this charter season led below deck by Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier, and this season she’ll be doing more than looking for perfection at the dinner table – she’s looking for Mr. Right. (Attention all men! Prepare to jump overboard).

Also back is Chef Adam Glick, who after last season’s tumultuous (re: shady) love triangle, spent some time soul searching in the Pacific Northwest before returning aboard Captain Sandy‘s yacht. So far Sandy has her doubts, but Adam vows he’ll be focusing on the food and not the females.

This season will also welcome a new, but very young bosun, Conrad Empson who hails from the UK and has legacy in the yachting industry courtesy of his mom. Although he’s only 23, Conrad has been in yachting since he was 18 and expects perfection – he also has a tendency to think without speaking, so that should be great!

Conrad will be joined by-deckhands Joao Franco, a feisty (but hot!) one from Zimbabwe who has trouble respecting Conrad’s authority over his age, and Jamie Jason who has no problem being the girl among the boys. She also has a sense of humor, thankfully.

Hannah will have her hands full, not only creating drama but managing a new crew of stews. Third stew Kasey Cohen is spoiled former beauty queen looking for adventure and is determined to succeed at yachting even if it’s an unconventional choice for her (and her meager domestic skillset). Second Stew Brooke Laughton is a Brit who was Chief Stew in her previous post and comes with plenty of experience – especially in catering to high profile Hollywood types. That means she’ll have no interest in listening to Hannah or respecting her so-called experience.

In tonight’s premiere episode Kasey’s confidence well outweighs her abilities, and Hannah is stricken with a sudden illness leaving Brooke to take over on the fly. After a disastrous first charter which has the guests full of complaints about the food and service Sandy questions whether it was a good idea to give Adam and Hannah another chance.

Which reminds me, since I’m going to be recapping this mess, I better learn how to spell “Mediterranean” STAT. Thus far I’ve been copying the word off Google and pasting it in. ‘Cause my writer chops are all class, like that!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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