Jax Taylor and Captain Lee on WWHL

The Vanderpump Rules spin off series with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright has been tough on their relationship. With a show that’s centered around the couple, it’s inevitable that every single argument and offhand comment is going to make it into the episodes. Plus, they don’t have the 343 Vanderpump Rules cast members to hide behind.

Not only that, but there’s just no way that Jax insisting that Brittany has “lost her spark” so many times is not going to be featured. Jax had to answer a lot of tough questions from Andy Cohen when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live. Well, they weren’t exactly challenging questions to answer, but Andy definitely didn’t go easy on Jax.

Thankfully for Jax, Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck was there to serve as a buffer and take some of the heat off of Jax. Andy really went in though.

When referencing the “Brittany lost her spark” plot line, Andy asked Jax, “Is that a euphemism for you saying that she’s gained weight?” Jax was visibly uncomfortable and said, “No. Everyone knows I like a little bit of a curvy woman. That has nothing to do with it.” He added, “She was homesick a little bit, maybe. That’s all.”

On a more lighthearted note, Andy referenced Jax’s infamous “number one guy” rant and asked Jax to name the top male on Vanderpump Rules. Of course, Jax said, “Me.” When asked about Scheana Marie’s boyfriend Robert Valletta, Jax shared, “I really like Rob. I think he’s a great guy.” When asked if anyone has heard from Scheana’s ex, Mike Shay, Jax said, “I haven’t, but the boys have.” Interesting. I wonder if he will pop up on the next season of Vanderpump Rules.

After quizzing Jax on the latest Vanderpump Rules happenings, Andy asked Captain Lee to share his opinion on Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean. Even though Captain Sandy Yohn let Adam Glick go with a warning after spitefully cooking with onions when the guests asked him not to, Captain Lee said Adam would be “toast” and confirmed that he would have fired the chef “on the spot.”

Then there’s that hookup with Hannah Ferrier and the primary charter guest. Captain Lee reasoned, “Captain Sandy had no actual knowledge of what transpired and nobody else did either, so she had to take Hannah at her word. Probably the best decision given everything involved.”

Moving back to the more humorous topics, Jax had to decide who “has more of an iron fist” between Lisa Vanderpump or Brittany’s Mamaw. Jax said, “You know what, I get that question all the time. It’s the same. They’re both tough. I might have to give Mamaw the edge.”

When asked about Kate Chastain sneaking out to get with the man she nicknamed “Hot Jesus,” Captain Lee had a pretty lax outlook on the situation. He concluded, “I think everybody needs a little religion every now and then.” Then he added, “Kate might have carried it to a level that I don’t necessarily condone.” Oh well. It’s too late now.

Just for good measure, Andy asked Jax about the unfavorable comments he made about Brittany (again) which included describing her as “lazy” and “unappreciative.” Jax essentially said the same thing he did earlier in the night: “I didn’t mean it like that. I apologize, yes. I just felt like she was maybe homesick. I worded it the wrong way.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo