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Sonja Morgan Thinks Dorinda Medley Is Lashing Out; Says She Is “Concerned”

Sonja Morgan Thinks Dorinda Medley Is Lashing Out; Says She Is “Concerned”

One guest who never disappoints on Watch What Happens Live is Sonja Morgan. She always delivers the most entertaining soundbites. Every. Single. Time.

During last night’s episode the self-proclaimed lifestyle expert dished on her dating tactics, Ramona Singer’s attempt to be at Tom D’Agostino’s party, and of course that crest-induced drama with Dorinda Medley.

Host Andy Cohen asked, “Did you go home with anyone after the speed dating event?” Sonja insisted, “No, no. I didn’t. I like to flirt and make people feel comfortable, but I’ll tell you, if there’s a guy in the room that I liked, he would never know it.”

Andy wasn’t picking up what Sonja was laying down. He couldn’t help asking “Really?” Sonja shared, “When I don’t like a guy, I really put the charm on to make them feel comfortable.” Then she insisted, “The guys that like me, they come after me. Trust me. I beat them down with a stick.”

A viewer asked this question: “Do you think Ramona would have slept with Tom? If she went to the New Year’s Eve party, would she have tried to hit on him?” Sonja answered, “You never know.” And I’m sure she got an angry text from Ramona in response.

A Real Housewives of New York fan asked Sonja, “Luann [de Lesseps] and Carole [Radziwill] seem to finally be getting along well. Do you think it will last?” Sonja answered, “Luann and Carole? I have no idea. I didn’t see any great love story there, but they are getting along. I think they’re busy fighting with other people. Let’s put it that way.” That’s exactly how I see it.

Of course a caller asked about Sonja’s relationship with her ex-husband and that fight over the moose crest with Dorinda. Sonja maintained, “I didn’t divorce the family. My husband and I divorced. He didn’t divorce me. I didn’t divorce him. We love each other. We love our daughter.”

That explanation makes a lot of sense. It is something that most people in a peaceful co-parenting situation would say. The conversation got weird when Sonja was asked about her ex and his family catching wind of the drama. She claimed, “They don’t watch TV. They don’t pay any attention to this.” Really? They don’t watch television? At all?

Andy asked, “Really?” Sonja told him, “My daughter doesn’t watch it either.”

Then she shared her opinion about Dorinda’s dismay over the crest. Sonja said, “What I do feel about Dorinda is that she is just really lashing out in general. It’s not about me. It’s not about Luann. I’m more concerned about us caring about Dorinda and what’s going on with her really… as I’ve thought it through.”

Andy asked, “You think there’s something going on with her?” Sonja shared, “I don’t think she really means the things that she’s said. What does she know about my family?” She added, “What does she care? She doesn’t really care. She was just bitching.”

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