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Considering that Charrisse Jackson-Jordan was an original cast member on Real Housewives of Potomac, it’s pretty suspect that she’s bringing Kyndall Douglas to events all of a sudden during Season 3….. after she had a falling out with Gizelle Bryant over those fireman affair rumors. Gizelled ated Kyndall’s ex-husband Sherman Douglas so it’s just a little too coincidental for it not be a dig aimed at Gizelle.

Charrisse wasn’t the only one who decided to film with Sherman’s ex. Monique Samuels invited her to events as well. At lease Monique is owning it, but she doesn’t want to take all of the blame for Kyndall’s presence.

Is Kyndall going to be a Season 4 cast member? This woman has been a main topic of conversation for many episodes this season. So of course Andy Cohen asked Monique about her when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night.

Before getting into the drama, Monique discussed her pregnancy. She told Andy, “I’m five months today.” She also theorized, “I feel like it’s a boy. I feel like I did with my son. I really do.”

And then they jumped back into the Housewife drama. Andy asked, “Monique, you were the new girl last season. Do you feel like the girls are giving [Candiace Dillard] a chance?” Monique admitted, “I definitely feel like she’s having a little bit of a harder time to earn her respect and her voice.” For the most part, this cast is not picking up what Candiace is laying down? Will she get a shot at a second season? Or will she be a one and done?

Monique was asked if bringing Kyndall around is just as much her fault as it is Charrisse’s. Without hesitation, Monique said, “Absolutely. Charrisse has been plotting to bring Kyndall around since before we event started filming the third season.”

Monique continued, “She absolutely wanted her to come on to specifically get under Gizelle’s skin. She never said anything good about Gizelle- even in our private conversations. So I was totally thrown off when all of this was being put on me and I was just like ‘Look, I’m being a ride or die right now. You lost your champagne glass and I was just trying to share my champagne glass with my homie.’ Now I just gotta pour some out for my damn homie, but whatever.” Damn. She shaded Charrisse for getting downgraded from a full-time Housewife to a “Friend of the Housewives.”

A fan called in to ask, “What are your thoughts about Karen [Huger] and Ray’s [Huger] marriage? Do you think that possibly that they could be heading for divorce?” Monique insisted, “Oh no. Karen and Ray are rock solid. They really are. When you see them two together, they can’t keep their hands off each other and I don’t care to hear the details.” She emphasized, “They’re not heading for divorce. They’re nowhere near that.”

Speaking of Karen, Monique had some concerns about Karen’s fundraiser to benefit Alzheimer’s Association in a previous episode. In all honesty it just seemed like a very suspect event with Karen initially asking her guests to make out checks to her LLC instead of directly to the charity. Apparently Karen changed her mind about that one since Monique revealed, “That night, I spoke with the director of the association. She was there and she actually gave everyone envelopes to make donations directly to the organization- which we didn’t know going into it. So that night it was already cleared up.” It’s not at-all surprising that this never made the show. It’s a lot more intriguing to just assume that Karen was being shady as hell with that fundraiser than to actually let her redeem herself.

A viewer asked Monique, “What did Chris [Samuels]  think about the moment you opened up to the girls about the fight that you had?” She admitted, “Oh. You know, he was a little frustrated. He was like ‘Make sure you got the point across. We’re not fighting because I’m needy.’ We were fighting because he wanted me to maintain the same balance that I ask him to maintain when he was coaching.” Fair enough.

Even though Monique joined the show as a friend of Charrisse’s, it does not seem like they’re too close these days- especially after this interview. A viewer asked, “What do you think of the rumor about you using Charrisse for her friends and contacts?” Monique answered, “Oh, I think it’s comical. First of all, who have used from her that I’ve benefited at all? I don’t call her people. I have my own. I just feel like that was such a reach and she should have got a step stool.” Shade thrown.

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