Shannon Beador is waiting for "Fun Emily"

Shannon Beador Teases Drama With Emily Simpson; Says New Cast Members Go After Her

Having Shannon Beador in a scene with a new cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County is a guarantee for drama. Shannon is notorious for not getting along with the new girls on the show. This season there are two new cast members- Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter– for Shannon to be at odds with or just ignore until the come at her.

In an interview with AOL, Shannon hinted at drama with one of the new Housewives. She shared, “There’s one girl that’s new — that I’ll leave for you to guess [who I’m talking about] — my God, I feel like everything [she does] is manipulated.” Shannon also claimed, “She’s tried to be on the show for multiple years.” The article speculates that the new Housewife Shannon was referring to was probably Emily, but Shannon did not confirm.

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However, Shannon did specifically say that Emily hurls some “unconscionable and unethical” allegations at her in an upcoming episode.  Oh what could that be about!?

Shannon did not reveal what the allegations were, but she did say, “I’d like to address what apparently I will be seeing [later in the season].” Shannon also said, “The labels that Emily Simpson has made on me … I just think she’s out of line. I didn’t threaten to kill someone at a party. If you’re going to start questioning my mental capacity, then I’ll throw it right back at ya, gal.”

What about Shannon’s reputation for hating on the new girls? Shannon said, “I will admit — because I will own my part — that I don’t like change.” She continued, “When two new girls come in and they’re almost half my age, it’s like, okay… We don’t have that much in common, so you get to a point where you have to prioritize. I have a business, I have three kids on my own and I’m going through things that are taking up my time, so should I put those aside so I can spend time with a 32-year-old?”

Shannon also admitted that she misses Vicki Gunvalson’s previous go-to move of fighting with the new girls. Shannon shared, “I said to her, ‘Where’s the old Vicki, who was a little harder on those new girls? Don’t pass that to me!'”Even so Shannon insisted, “She has her own opinions on the new girls, too, and she’s in agreement with me on most of it.”

Then Shannon theorized, “I think that if you look back, the new girls come after me.” She even cited Lydia McLaughlin and Kelly Dodd as examples.

Shannon recalled, “With Kelly Dodd it was like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and then bam: ‘No wonder your husband cheated on you,’ ‘Eat up!’ I could go on, but we actually are friends now, so we’ll sometimes be out together and be like, ‘We should reenact this stuff!’” They really should reenact these scenes and record them for the viewers. It would make for some premium content on social media.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]