Stephanie Hollman & Brandi Redmond Discuss Impact Of Real Housewives Of Dallas On Their Reputations & Their New Friendships With Kameron Westcott

When Real Housewives of Dallas started out, it was all about the charity scene in Dallas. Ironically enough, it has been more difficult for the women to partake in philanthropy ever since the show started airing. It would make sense for the ladies to be more than welcomed thanks to all of the exposure they’ve received from the show, but some members of Dallas society are not welcoming their presence.

Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond discussed the impact of the show on their reputations in the Dallas community, their budding relationships with Kameron Westcott, and whether LeeAnne Locken’s wedding will actually happen or not in a podcast interview with Heather McDonald.

An audience member during the live taping of the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, asked Stephanie and Brandi “Do you think LeeAnne is really going to get married or is the whole thing a farce?” At this time last year, it would be a guarantee that Stephanie and Brandi would throw shade at LeeAnne, but things have changed. Brandi and LeeAnne are still at odds, but Stephanie and LeeAnne are a whole other story. In fact, LeeAnne recently talked about how she is so grateful for her friendship with Stephanie.

Stephanie answered, “My personal opinion is that I honestly do think she’s going to get married because they’ve been together for ten years. They live together. I think they’re pretty much already married.” Fair enough.

She continued, “I don’t know why there were so many questions this season about it. It was kind of weird at the beginning. I was like ‘Why are we asking her about her wedding date?’ but I did not have that close of a relationship with her, so I would never have questioned it. She would have been pissed.” Why were there so many questions about this? She got engaged last season. It does take a while to plan a big wedding. Why is everyone so skeptical of LeeAnne’s wedding planning?

LeeAnne’s former bestie D’Andra Simmons is the one who lead the charge to question LeeAnne’s impending marriage, just as her friendship with LeeAnne just started to go south. Stephanie remarked, “Just out of the gate, I just felt confused from the beginning. I thought maybe there’s something between them and there’s more to this?” We really do need to get to the bottom of this LeeAnne vs. D’Andra feud. What is the real root of the problems between them?

Brandi did not actually comment about the wedding, but she did have a question about LeeAnne’s fiance Rich Emberlin’s eye patch situation. She joked, “Is it that real?” Just add that to the list of comments that will not sit well with LeeAnne.

It is going to take a lot of Brandi and LeeAnne to get along, but her relationship with Kameron has made some great strides since their constantly arguing during Season 2. Now Brandi feels a whole different way about the woman she dubbed “Big Bird” in honor of the Sesame Street character.

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Brandi and Stephanie were asked to share their thoughts on Kameron and that pressure to be in Dallas society that Kameron mentions in almost every episode. Brandi admitted, “I do truly like Kameron as an individual. She has a really good heart. She’s actually funny. I do think she needs to loosen up a little bit more, but as far as what Court’s [Westcott] family thinks of her, I know that his mom is one of her best friends. They’re really close. I can speak for that.”

Brandi also shared, “Yes, she has gifted my dogs Sparkle Dog.” She revealed, “The poop was not pink, I’m really disappointed.” Same here, Brandi.

Stephanie said, “Honestly Kameron and I get along now and I’ve gotten to know her. I just wish that she would have more fun with it. I don’t think that it’s gonna be as bad for her as she thinks it is. I think it’s pressure she puts on herself. I don’t think it’s pressure that her in-laws put on her.”

Even though Stephanie does not think that the Dallas society pressure is as intense as Kameron thinks it is, she has encountered some issues with its members thanks to the show. Stephanie remarked, “Those people don’t talk to us anymore.”

She went on to explain, “Season 1, we did so much within the charity world. People would kiss your asses because they wanted you to give them money for the events they threw. Whenever Season 1 came out, we did talk about pooping and farting a lot, so I get it, but they would not even make eye contact. They would not talk. They would not make eye contact. They would occasionally go on Facebook and trash the show. It was hurtful, but then I realized we’re saving a lot of money not being their friends, so it’s OK.”

This wasn’t just a Season 1 thing. She also shared a recent story. Stephanie said, “We did not know the person chairing, but some of the other girls did. She was chairing this event and Travis [Hollman] and I were the title sponsors. We were the biggest donor and it’s a charity that we support every year. Like a week before this girl goes on a tangent on Facebook about how we’re all trashy and disgusting and don’t represent Dallas, not knowing that we were Hollman, her big sponsor.” Yikes.

Stephanie concluded, “So I told Travis and Travis told the lady that runs the charity and the girl actually had to call and apologize to us.” Justice served.


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