Brandi Redmond Worried LeeAnne Locken Alcoholic Accusations Would Disrupt Adoption Of Her Son

Alcoholic accusations are far from a novel storyline in the Real Housewives universe. At this point, this has been a plot line on almost every show. On Real Housewives of Dallas, LeeAnne Locken referred to Brandi Redmond as an “alcoholic” two episodes ago. This is bad enough enough, but there was also a possibility of greater repercussions since Brandi was in the middle of adopting her son Bruin.

Brandi isn’t the only one who has been questioned for drinking. LeeAnne also accused bestie-turned-enemy D’Andra Simmons of hitting the bottle too hard with Brandi. Would LeeAnne have these same “concerns” if D’Andra wasn’t getting close with Brandi, LeeAnne’s longtime rival?

Brandi discussed the last RHOD episode in a recent Bravo blog post. Before ripping into LeeAnne, she praised her new friend D’Andra for refusing to conform to Dallas society standards. Brandi wrote, “I am so proud of D’Andra for making no apologies about being her self, owning her truth, and being who she truly wants to be. I will always support someone who wants to be exactly who they are, because that is who I am!”

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Brandi added, “I think that my face said it all when Mama Dee told me that LeeAnne was now adding the term ‘alcoholic’ to the long list of words that she already uses to describe me. And then on top of that, I find out that she also told Cary [Deuber] at another event that I am an ‘alcoholic’ too? That is a new low, even for LeeAnne!” How is LeeAnne going to dig herself out of this hole? That reunion is bound to be rough.

The mother of three explained, “The fact is this: The legal side of our adoption with Bruin was not yet complete, and it was going to take a few more months at that point to become official. Spreading around a rumor that I am an ‘alcoholic’ could have greatly affected the legal process. We were under a very close microscope while the adoption was being finalized. We could have potentially been denied by the courts if she spread this rumor far enough. And for what? So that LeeAnne could tarnish our reputations around town?”

Brandi warned, “Know that your actions have reactions and affect more than just the people you are trying to hurt.” She wondered, “Is [LeeAnne] still confused as to why I don’t want to be her friend?” Apparently.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]