Floribama Shore Episode Recap: A Whole Lotta Yikes

Get ready for your dose of trash TV! Floribama Shore is like junk food. You know it’s not healthy or good for you, but it’s so satisfying at times. This week’s episode, we get to see what happens the morning after when Gus Smyrnios hooks up with a random. If you ask me, he brought the drama on himself. Who attempts a friend with benefits relationship with a stage 5 clinger you are stuck living with all summer?

Gus complains about the lack of privacy and how he feels like he is doing a walk of shame. Yet he proceeds to make his one night stand breakfast before giving her the boot. Rather than a walk of shame, it seems as if he is leading a parade. He clearly wants everyone to know this girl stayed the night with him. If not everyone, he is clearly sending a message to one person in particular, Nilsa Prowant.

Amiee Hall wakes up after hearing voices downstairs and investigates to see Gus and his guest. She runs back upstairs to tell her best friend what is going on behind her back. Nilsa is clearly disappointed that he found a new boo so quickly after “hunching” her only one day beforehand. I know she has to be embarrassed after so cavalierly telling the entire house when they hooked up. Smh…

Aimee decides to take Nilsa on a girl’s day after Gus basically played her for a fool. While in the car, Nilsa cries as Aimee warns her not to pursue Gus after everything he has done. Nilsa feels like she may never find a good guy. Back at home, they drink champagne until they are drunk and flashing their “chi chi’s” on the beach.

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Candace Rice calls a friend to figure out how to break up with her boyfriend, Gator Jay. I am literally cringing typing that name…who makes up a name like that???? Later that evening, Candace is depressed about her relationship with Gator. She talks to Kortni Gilson, who tries to cheer her up. She finally decides to bite the bullet and call an unsuspecting Gator and cut the cord. Needless to say, he did not take it well.  Candace, you can do better. Find a guy with a human name who doesn’t put his hands on you. Everyone in her life is against the relationship. I think she did the right thing. Honestly, if he never did one thing wrong, I would still advocate for a breakup, based on that name alone!


Codi Butts, Jeremiah Buoni and Krazy Kortni head out to go to work. Kortni jumps in the backseat and kicks her feet up towards the front. Jeremiah calls her a b***h and asks her to move her stinky feet. Now I can’t blame him for not wanting the girl who never takes a shower, to put her feet on him. But how did he go from being the supportive brother to calling her names and acting like a douche bag? It’s obvious he is uncomfortable around her ever since she revealed that she likes him as more than a friend. Hmm… I must admit I am surprised. They seemed to leave things amicably when he denied her advances on the beach. Jeremiah, although corny as hell, seemed more mature than to make it weird with Kortni after her revelation.

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The roommates have a house meeting to decide where they can go to have a new experience similar to their New Orleans trip. Candace suggests Detroit… the group is confused by her suggestion. She says it’s because her cousin lives there and is cool. Ummm… ok.  Kirk Medas suggests they all go to Cabo, Mexico. Needless to say, this gets a better reception than Detroit, Michigan. Watch out Mexico, hide your alcohol and singles, Floribama Shore is coming to town.  I know something crazy is going to happen while they are there. I am kind of secretly hoping Nilsa uses this trip as a way to move on from Gus and his games.


Jeremiah finally tells Gus what we all have been thinking for weeks. He needs to cut Nilsa off completely.  It doesn’t matter what she says, he knows for a fact she can’t handle having casual sex. If he continues to pursue a friends with benefits relationship with her, it only makes him look bad. Gus may talk about how much he doesn’t want Nilsa clinging to him, but it seems like she is all he talks about.


Well, tonight’s the night that Gus will attempt to break up with Nilsa, for the third time. He decides to not drink. He wants to be in the right frame of mind to break the news. Gus attempts to let her down easy, but it simply doesn’t work. Nilsa tries to distract him to avoid the conversation. They get interrupted because everyone is ready to leave and the cabs are outside. Gus is disappointed that he didn’t get the chance to have the most anticipated conversation of the night.

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Nilsa gets a dose of reality from Candace, Codi, and Aimee on the way home. They wonder why someone so pretty is chasing after someone like Gus. He isn’t taking her on dates or even claiming her so what is the point? She actually seems to let their message sink in because when they arrive home she just goes to bed. Once Gus realizes that Nilsa isn’t begging to cuddle with him, he attempts to talk to her once again. Nilsa lets him know she knows they don’t have a future and it’s okay at this point. She is obviously hurt because she wants to be loved, but is willing to let him go…at least for the night.


Gus is clearly playing mind games and sending mixed signals. It’s just annoying at this point. Everyone knows that Nilsa has been hurt many times. I just feel like he is taking advantage of the situation. I personally think he was embarrassed by how he was rejected last season and he is treating Nilsa this way to redeem himself. As of now, all is well, but we know that won’t last very long. I guess we have to wait until next week to witness them living La Vida Loca in Mexico!


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