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Porsha Williams Insists She Doesn’t Have Trust Issues With Dennis McKinley

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha! The current Real Housewives of Atlanta season is all about Porsha Williams. If Porsha is not in a scene, the other women are talking about her.

It makes sense though. She has a lot going on. She is in a new relationship, she’s pregnant, and she’s still infuriating Kandi Burruss. What’s everyone else doing? Oh, right: nothing. This season needs to end! Or the ladies need to step it up! They need a casting reboot, for sure. At this point, Porsha is carrying the show on her back.

During last night’s Watch What Happens Live episode, Porsha commented on Eva Marcille’s claim that she “doesn’t have a shady bone” in her body. She sure doesn’t since most of her shade straight up fails. Nevertheless, Porsha remarked that Eva does not have a “shady bone, just a shady mouth.” Fair enough.

Host Andy Cohen asked, “How long have you been together, Porsha?” She admitted, “Oh, I don’t even know.” Really? How does she not know? Oh, modern dating.

Then Andy told Porsha, “You ascertain that you did not go up to that girl at the party.” Porsha told him, “No.” Then Porsha clarified, “I didn’t like chest bump anyone from the back. I’m with child. Really?” But what really happened? It sounds like she was backtracking with that super specific statement. Does anyone believe that Porsha did not instigate this person at all?

Later, a caller asked, “Why is Dennis’ mom is so obsessed with the two of you signing a prenup? Believe it or not, Porsha had a very reasonable response. She explained, “Because he’s worked hard. He’s earned some things in life. I’ve also earned some things as well. So, it’s the best thing for two businesspeople to do.” I would love to know Dennis’ net worth in comparison to Porsha’s. Which one of them really need this prenup?

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Another fan called in to ask, “What’s your status with NeNe [Leakes] since she announced on Instagram that the two of you are done?” Porsha answered, “Oh, she did? Well, she recently also said that she loves her little sis.”

This prompted Andy to comment, “It sounds like the pendulum swings in any direction.” Porsha quipped, “The door is revolving.” Well, look at her adapting NeNe’s overused metaphor as her own.

Then, Andy followed up with, “The door is not closed?” Porsha answered, “No, it’s not. It’s going in circles.”

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After, Andy revealed, “I asked why you are so funny this season and you revealed that you’ve been doing all of your interviews sober this season. I am now banning Hennessy from interviews.” Well, of course, she was sober. She’s been pregnant pretty much all season.

A caller asked, “Have you had any issues trusting Dennis since you found out he was texting his ex behind your back?” Porsha began, “Actually, we’ve been really good.”

Then, she continued, “We went to counseling because I had an issue with communication. Then, I realized that we had an issue with learning how to talk to each other in our love language. That was at the beginning of the relationship and we haven’t had any issues. We good.”

After, Porsha got two interesting questions about her pregnancy. One person wondered, “Have you picked out a name for PJ yet or are you still seriously considering Porsha Junior?” She admitted, “I’m still seriously considering Porsha Junior, but there’s another name on the table that [Dennis] does like.”

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Then a caller asked Porsha about her reaction to some supposed rumors that she’s Andy’s surrogate. She joked, “I’ve got two baby daddies. It’s a nice check. Y’all think of some wild stuff.” Yes, they do.

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