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Ariana Madix Calls Out Production For Making Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Look Like “Idiots” On Vanderpump Rules

Are Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz Lisa Vanderpump’s business partners or not? Based on the small snippets we get to see on Vanderpump Rules, it’s as if she can’t decide. One minute, she’s entrusting them to come up cocktails for the menu. The next, she asks her daughter Pandora Vanderpump to take on the task instead. On last night’s episode, Lisa had the Toms come up with some drink recipes for a Daily Mail event.

During that same episode, Lisa banned Tom and Tom from being present when Nick Alain, their restaurant designer, showed up with decor and furniture for the restaurant. Really? They can’t even help unload boxes for a restaurant named in their honor? Nevertheless, they showed up anyway much to Lisa’s (perceived) dismay. She claimed that she didn’t want to leave them in suspense if they saw everything before it was set up, but that just doesn’t make the most sense.

Yes, we get it, Lisa and Ken Todd have contributed a majority of the money to  TomTom and they have greater ownership in the restaurant. And, of course, there’s no doubt that they’re experts in this industry. Nevertheless, the inconsistent inclusion of Tom and Tom at a restaurant called TomTom is pretty ironic. Tom Sandoval’s girlfriend Ariana Madix stood up for the Toms and called out Vanderpump Rules production in a series of tweets.

Last night, Ariana tweeted, “The whole “the toms are idiots” schtick is so old and tired. Why can’t it just be real? Way more interesting imo.” Plus, they want people to go to this restaurant right? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make potential customers think that it is actually ran by competent individuals?

One viewer responded, “First of all @ariana2525 you asked how are the Toms supposed to listen & learn? Hell they can’t seem to follow directions when told not 2show up. The two year olds can’t listen otherwise they wouldn’t have shown up when told NOT to come!! LISTEN Toms, for once! #VanderpumpRules.”

Ariana responded by breaking down that fourth wall. She revealed, “We receive call times for filming,” i.e. Tom and Tom had a set call time to show up. Therefore, no one was shocked by their presence and they did actually follow directions. However, this just wasn’t mentioned on the show. Of course.

Clearly, that same viewer did not understand what Ariana was saying. At all. The Twitter user responded (again), “So are you saying you didn’t know that they can’t follow a simple request…don’t come while we’re unloading the truck. And besides it wasn’t LVP that didn’t want them there it was the dude bringing the furniture.” Ariana clarified, “I’m saying it’s their job to show up for filming. Literally just said it.”

Once again, this fan, just couldn’t pick up what Ariana was laying down, insisting, “As I said that they were TOLD NOT to go there!!!” Was she just not reading Ariana’s tweets? Did she just not care? Or was it still (somehow) unclear?

Ariana’s reply was loud and clear: “They. Got. A. Call time. This is not hard. Do i need to tell you what a call time is.” Apparently.

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Obviously, Ariana used Twitter to fill in the gaps since it’s impossible to see every single aspect on the show. This person just wasn’t getting that. At all.

Instead, the fan wrote, “I don’t give a rats ass if they did or not!!! We don’t see that!!!! Do I need to explain that to you??? We see LVP telling them NOT to show up then they do. Somehow they didn’t explain to the viewers they’ll still show up bc they have a call time!! Done with this convo!!”

ARIANA WAS EXPLAINING IT TO THE VIEWERS via tweet. Wow. Some people just don’t listen (or read). Production gave Tom and Tom a call time. They were scheduled to show up at the restaurant. They showed up when they were supposed to and it was not a surprise.

Once again, Ariana clarified, “It’s called breaking the fourth wall. Something we aren’t allowed to do.” And that’s where social media comes in. Then, Ariana declared, “We show up when we are given call times by our employers: production. I hope you find some relaxation in your future bc jeez.” Preach.

Another (more reasonable) viewer tweeted, “I’m so confused they keep making it seem like they aren’t really partners?? But then Lisa is trusting the with some stuff ?? Like clearly we aren’t getting the whole picture.”

Ariana responded, “No you definitely aren’t.” But are we ever? It’s impossible to truly see the “whole picture” on a reality TV show. There are countless hours of unseen footage.

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