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Ariana Madix Insists Lala Kent Hookup Does Not Count As Cheating; She Wanted Tom Sandoval To Join In

Cheating on a significant other has become a go-to move for the Vanderpump Rules cast. During the last episode, Tom Sandoval revealed that Lala Kent “went to town” on his girlfriend Ariana Madix in the backseat of his car.

Lala calmly played it off like he was spewing nonsense, waiting to see how Ariana wanted to handle the situation. Ariana was not happy that he shared her private business with the boys… and the Vanderpump Rules viewers.  Everyone was in a state of shock from the girl on girl hookup news that they completely glossed over the fact that Ariana had sexual contact with someone outside of her relationship. However, some fans called out Ariana for “cheating” on Tom.

One fan tweeted, “PumpRules feel sorry for TomSandoval1 because @ariana2525 doesn’t dig guys and it’s so obvious. She’s not being honest with him & he deserves to have his dream family. Stop stringing Tom along Ariana.” Ariana retorted with “I dig both guys and girls. Ever heard of it?”

Someone else responded with “U cheated in front of his face and didn’t invite him in. That disrespectful. If u love him let him go or give him what he wants.” This prompted Ariana to reveal “I did invite him in. The other person didn’t want that, so we dropped her off at home.”

And by “the other person,” she means Lala, of course. Does this mean that Tom did want the threesome? Now, I’m just so curious about the timeline. Was Lala with her man Randall Emmett at that time? What does he think about her sexual encounter with Ariana? Maybe he just wishes that it went down (pun intended) on his private jet instead of Tom’s car.

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Another fan asked, “What are your thoughts on people saying you cheated on Tom? I guess it never crossed my mind because 1: you weren’t sneaking around but right in front of him 2: he never said stop But I’m getting a lot of tweets of people that feel that way.”

In response, Ariana explained, “I’m on the same page as you. I was also physically touching him and trying to get him involved. When that was obvi not going to happen, it stopped. There’s nothing shady about it. People always want to shove everyone else into their own little boxes.”

Jax Taylor shared his two cents, of course. If anyone is familiar with cheating, it’s Jax. He tweeted, “It’s not cheating if Tom is okay with it and he was. That is Tom and Ariana’s business you have to ask them. People will always slam me for something that’s just the way the world works. All I do is laugh and carry on with my amazing life.”
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