Floribama Shore Episode Recap: My Favorite Mistake

Last night on Floribama Shore, Aimee Hall was about to have a full blown panic attack after talking to her mom about her fight with a random in PCB. She tells Nilsa Prowant that everyone believes she broke the girl’s nose. She is extremely worried about her family and if they are disappointed and embarrassed by her actions. On top of all of those things, the threat of jail looms over her as well. Will Aimee, be able to push through the last couple of days in the house? Or will her scuffle with a random ruin the end of her vacation and reputation?

While at work, Jeremiah Buoni plays the self-righteous father role. He is happy Aimee is learning a lesson. He feels like her actions have affected the whole house. I hope she learns from this as well, but come on give her a break. It wasn’t like she was bothering this girl and trying to fight her. Aimee simply reacted to being harassed. She is young and I’m sure she has realized people will try to provoke you, for attention when you are in the public eye. I find his attitude a bit hypocritical seeing as though, he also had a fight this summer.

It’s the crew’s last day at their summer job. Everyone arrives to hang out and drink with the owners. It’s also Candace Rice’s last night, but Codi Butts still doesn’t know where they stand. It’s clear to me that this is going nowhere, but we had a good time watching whatever it was unfold. Nilsa and Gus Smyrnios chat about the summer and are happy to leave on a good note, despite their incessant drama.

She FINALLLY realizes she deserved better than the way Gus treated her this summer. It’s sad it took a summer to come to that conclusion. The man brought a strange woman home and slept with her the day after he slept with you! It didn’t take a psychic to see he was full of $#!t.  Nilsa, if you are reading this, listen carefully… take off about four layers of makeup off and know that a man doesn’t dictate your worth. You can do wayyyyyyyyy better than Gus the hedgehog.

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Upon returning home, the group decides to have a pool party. The only issue is it is storming outside. Rather than be bested by the weather, they decide to enact plan B and fill up a kiddie pool in the living room. They must have been really bored and scrambling for some content during the last days of filming. SMH. Codi must have wanted the pool to himself because he decides to urinate in it, while Jeremiah is in it with him. Okay… Ewwww. Why in the hell would you pee in the pool at all, but especially when you are INSIDE the house.


Nilsa finds Aimee crying about karma and the altercation she had. She feels like she has embarrassed her family and did something really bad. Nilsa is being supportive and comforting to her friend in her time of need. Codi sees Candace asleep on the couch and carries her to her bed. He hoped to find out more about where they stand, but it will have to wait. I’m sorry, but if after your date, if Candace didn’t open up to you more, she was probably just in it for the experience and free beer. I highly doubt, this summer infatuation will go any further than our tv screens.


It’s time for Candace to leave and everyone is sad. She and Gus reveal the palm tree shirt they framed, so no one else would be blinded by its ugliness. As everyone says their last goodbyes, Codi plants a kiss on her lips. Whoa!

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As she is about to pull off, Candace realizes Jeremiah’s infamous pink shorts are still in the house. She jumps out the cab and races to the house to steal them and take them back to Memphis. Codi uses this opportunity to chase the cab and give her one last goodbye kiss. Okay Codi, don’t overdo it. After peeing in the pool, the day before, you should feel lucky you have received one kiss.


Nilsa answers the phone only to find out it’s her ex crush/ barrel chested freedom fighter, Jeremiah’s brother, Josh Buoni. She is disgusted by the call, given he had sex with her and then decided not to take her on a date last summer. He will be driving through the area and wants to come and visit. Jeremiah relays a message from Josh to Nilsa, “be shaved and ready” for him. Ewww. She is so uncomfortable with the thought of seeing Josh, she asks Jeremiah to make sure his brother is respectful. Jeremiah thinks regardless of her hookups with Gus, she still has feelings for his brother.

In an attempt to avoid the paparazzi, Aimee puts on a curly black wig and hat. I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone is chasing you down for a story. Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Gus are at the gym discussing Nilsa. Gus’ green-eyed monster seems to be coming out. It’s obvious that he is worried about what Nilsa may do when she sees Josh. After getting with all of the “baby girls” he could find, he isn’t ready to date Nilsa, but doesn’t want her to like anyone but him. Truth be told, I think she shouldn’t give Gus or Josh a second glance. Thank you, next!

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Kortni Gilson goes on a date with the older guy who has been hanging around. I am really questioning why he wants to date or even in close proximity to Drunkni. Either he wants to be on tv or he is just as gross as her. What man wants to date someone who kisses grannies and doesn’t take showers on a daily basis?


Nilsa is extremely worried about being the butt of the joke when Josh arrives. He is a jokester and she asks Gus not to single her out or make her feel uncomfortable when he arrives. She isn’t accustomed to being in the room with two guys she slept with that are friends. I can understand her hesitation, but I wish she would just own it and not allow them to dictate her comfort level.

For some reason, Nilsa is getting all dressed up. Gus walks by and comments that she must be getting dressed for Josh. Hmm… someone sounds like they are jealous. Later that night, Nilsa is so nervous she follows Aimee around not wanting to go downstairs by herself. There is a knock on the door and I think we have some drama about to unfold on the next episode. Who will Nilsa gravitate towards, the romance novel model or the freedom fighter? Stay tuned

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