Ramona Singer Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump For Skipping Andy Cohen’s Baby Shower

You would think that Andy Cohen would be the center of attention at his own baby shower. However, with that many Real Housewives in one room, there’s bound to be some drama, right?

Well, Ramona Singer says that the shower was actually drama-free…. because Lisa Vanderpump was not there. Has she hopped on the bandwagon with the Beverly Hills Housewives? Lisa makes more headlines when she isn’t at an event than when she actually shows up. Why bother attending anything ever again? All publicity is good publicity, right? It is for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, at the very least.

According to an article from Daily Mail, Ramona threw some shade during an interview with Jerry O’Connell for Sirius XM’s Radio Andy. Ramona declared, “No, there’s drama, Lisa Vanderbilt didn’t show up.” Ummm. Who?

When Jerry told Ramona that he mispronounced Lisa’s last name, she was not having it. Instead, she remarked, “Whatever. Vander-something, who cares. Lisa didn’t show up.”

Ramona insisted, “She should show up.” Then, she said, “‘It’s about Andy! She should have showed up, Lisa. Are you kidding me?'” Upon reading that I flashed back to Ramona yelling, “Wow, Wow! Really, really? Are you kidding me, Bethenny?”

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So, where was Lisa? She was in Las Vegas “working” on her new restaurant. And, of course, she made it a point to mention this on Instagram and Twitter. It’s as if she knew she would be questioned for her absence. Oh, wait. She did know that. The fandom has been ruthless lately. It will be interesting to see if the viewers side with Lisa or the other Housewives next season.

Now, this everyone vs. Lisa Vanderpump story goes beyond Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even Ramona is chiming in on the drama. Will Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 live up to the hype though? Let’s just hope that next season will be an exciting one to watch. The fans deserve it after these last few seasons.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]