Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards Back On Good Terms During Tonight’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills- How Long Will It Last?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 premiere episode packed a lot of punch. Who would have thought that a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice could have such a major impact? The tension between Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley was palpable, even through the TV screen.

Once again, the leveraged relationship friendship between Lisa and Kyle Richards appeared fractured as well. That first episode set the stage for a dramatic season. Consequently, expectations for tonight are pretty high. But will the ladies deliver?

When the season opened with Kyle screaming at Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, that’s a pretty tough act to follow. This is especially true since that fight actually happened two months after the rest of the premiere was filmed. They need some time to build up to that level of animosity.

So what can we expect from tonight’s episode? Kyle and Lisa put the Episode 1 tension behind them. For now. They laugh it up with a comped appointment to get injections in their faces. Nothing brings the Housewives together like some needles full of filler. But will the peace between them outlast that round of fillers in their faces?

Dorit “suggests” taking a cast trip to the Bahamas, as if production didn’t actually plan that months ago. But will she invite her frienemy Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave? Come on. Would Dorit ever pass up on the opportunity for some passive aggression? Plus, we all know production wants Teddi and Dorit to butt heads during that trip.

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The Housewives host the most random parties, but are they running out of ideas? Lisa Rinna hosts a pastry party. Well, alright then.

That doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as the first episode, but I have to appreciate a slow build when it comes to the drama throughout the season. Kyle can’t get kicked out of a mansion every episode. Unfortunately.

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