Lisa Rinna Insists Tweet About Pills Wasn’t About Lisa Vanderpump’s Brother’s Suicide

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have become accustomed to Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump taking jabs at each other. At times it seems like they really can’t stand each other. On other occasions, it feels like playful banter. And here and there it’s just difficult to know where they actually stand. Are they enemies, frienemies, or friends?

In honor of Vanderpump’s birthday, Rinna tweeted an image of a cupcake and some pills. Some RHOBH viewers realized that was a reference to Rinna’s infamous bag of pills. However, there were plenty of LVP Stans up in arms over a possible reference to her brother’s suicide.

During a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, a fan asked, “What you meant by sending the pill-covered cupcake birthday tweet to Lisa Vanderpump?” Rinna began, “Let’s be really clear about this. Lisa Vanderpump and I have a pill joke. She was a part of the whole pill bag situation.”

Andy Cohen began, “You guys have a funny…” Lisa interrupted with, “We jab each other and give each other shit.”

Rinna continued, “Here’s the thing. I did not know that her brother committed suicide. I had no idea. So, the fact that a day after her birthday, no one had wished her a happy birthday on Twitter, I actually felt bad.” Andy wondered, “None of the other women?”

She confirmed, “Nobody had.” That’s cold.

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Then, Rinna said, “I thought, ‘Well, that’s not cool. I’m gonna wish her a happy birthday.'” We have cheeky… we have pill humor. And I did it and I got eviscerated for it. I reached out to Lisa. She knows I meant no harm. I would never ever do that.”

In a tweet the next day, Rinna clarified, “I did not know her brother died of suicide. She never told me. I would never have tweet d the cupcakes if I had known. My own sister died of a drug overdose when I was 6.”

During Watch What Happens Live, a fan asked, “Do you still think Dorit [Kemsley] did coke in her bathroom during Season 7?” Rinna relied on semantics when she said,  “I did not ever ask if Dorit did coke in her bathroom. Go back [and watch].”

Andy told her, “You said ‘Were people doing coke?'” But were they? Why would thirteen people get up from a dinner table? We will never know.

Rinna also confirmed that she and Kim Richards revisit their bunny drama during Season 9. She wouldn’t say much, but she teased, “It’s pretty ironic, actually.”

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