Kameron Westcott Shares Status Of Friendships With LeeAnne Locken & D’Andra Simmons

At the end of the Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 reunion, it didn’t appear that friendships had been mended. Pretty much none of the feuds had been resolved.  If anything, rehashing Dallas society drama left us wondering if they could be in a room together without yelling.

One of the biggest feuds was between former best friends D’Andra Simmons and LeeAnne LockenKameron Westcott was right in the center of it.  After accusations of alcoholism and infidelity plagued the pair, alliances shifted. Brandi Redmond supported D’Andra. Meanwhile, Kameron backed LeeAnne.

In an interview with OK Magazine, Kameron Westcott discussed life since the last reunion episode. Is LeeAnne and D’Andra‘s friendship over? Kameron declared, “100%.  No, that’s over.”  Wow, I guess some things just aren’t worth saving. It will be interesting to see if D’Andra is back next season and if Brandi is still her new BFF.

Kameron remarked, “We were never actually forced to pick sides. I think it naturally happened by our personal beliefs. And I feel like, you know, LeeAnne and I saw a lot that was going on. We bonded because we don’t agree with certain behavior and it kind of happened naturally.”  Hmm, I guess cloning phones and sharing D’Andra’s financial issues is an acceptable type of behavior.

While LeeAnne‘s behavior on Real Housewives of Dallas has been far from innocent (thereby making it perfect for reality TV!), Kameron has consistently stood by LeeAnne and been her biggest supporter.  Kameron shared, “I mean, yeah, LeeAnne has her ups and downs and sometimes she, you know, can get a little wild.  But in the end, she apologizes and she knows her faults and I admire that.”  LeeAnne certainly enjoys pulling a Lisa Rinna and “owning it,” but learning from it?  Only time will tell…

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As for Kameron‘s current status with the former Dallas debutante, D’Andra, “I don’t know because she blocked me on social media. Um, yes, she blocked me on Instagram.”

On the one hand, it’s definitely possible that Kameron could mend her friendship with D’Andra. They could come back for Season 4 and take on the Dallas social scene together. However, it is most likely that LeeAnne and Kameron will continue their friendship. Brandi and D’Andra will continue their alliance/friendship. And, of course, the insults and drama will continue.  That is until Stephanie Hollman brings everybody together with another amazing spa day in her huge bathroom! Or Cary Deuber plans another fabulous trip!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]