Kameron thinks D'Andra is

The cast truly delivered during Season 3 of Real Housewives of Dallas. There was not one filler episode all season. That cannot be said about the Orange County and Atlanta Housewives. In contrast, the newest show in the Real Housewives truly killed it. It seems like there is ample drama among the Dallas Housewives, both during the episodes and in between seasons.

Now that it’s all done, Kameron Westcott has reflected on her rift with D’Andra Simmons. She discussed where she stands with Brandi Redmond. Kameron even addressed the rumors that she and Cary Deuber got fired from the show. Not only that, but she claims that D’Andra is the one who spread that gossip around Highland Park (and the internet).

Kameron shared her post-season thoughts during a recent episode of the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast. Sure, it was obvious that Kameron was #TeamLeeAnne during LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra’s season-long feud. However, it really did feel like it came out of nowhere when D’Andra had so much animosity toward Kameron during the reunion.

Kameron admitted, “We were on good terms before I left for the summer. Once it started airing, she just decided ‘Peace out. I’m going to do this crazy I hate you thing.'” Anything for a storyline, right? Later in the episode, Kameron claimed, “[D’Andra] told me when we were filming ‘If I give you drama, it’s a favor.'” Yikes.

Kameron said that D’Andra “said some things about not liking Brandi. Then she tries to be her BFF. I’m like ‘Girl, don’t be fake.’ I’m calling you out here.” Kameron added, “D’Andra turned on her too. She’s always been turning on her, but she’s just been fake to her face when we’re filming.”
Speaking of Brandi, Kameron defended her against the allegations that she has a drinking problem. Kameron insisted, “She just drinks to have fun. She’s not an alcoholic at all whatsoever. I’m definitely not worried about her drinking.”
During the reunion, Brandi called Kameron a liar. She apologized before they finished taping and apparently it’s all good between the two of them these days. Kameron remarked, “I think we’re in a great place. I really do.”
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One person who Kameron is not in a good place with is D’Andra.  As of this moment, it seems like they will both be back on the show next season. However, Kameron maintains, “There have been no decisions whatsoever.”
Then, Kameron addressed the elephant in the room (and on social media). She insisted, “The rumors about Cary not returning are absolutely incorrect. I know the individual who started that rumor.”
Later, Kameron admitted, “It was a cast member,” but she didn’t just leave it at that. She named names. Well, she named one name: D’Andra. Kameron claimed, “She went around and was telling some of my mutual friends that I got fired. Are you kidding me? That’s absolutely not true.”
After sharing that anecdote, Kameron threw in a dig aimed at D’Andra. She said, “You have no friends on the cast and you try to put other people down to make yourself feel stronger.”
The interview wasn’t all shade throwing and tea spilling. Kameron also had some kind things to say about Stephanie Hollman, everyone’s favorite Dallas Housewife. Who could ever hate on Stephanie?
Kameron commended Stephanie for being so open about her suicide attempt on the show. She admitted, “I was blown away that she had the confidence to go public with that news. I never saw that coming. I was just so proud of her for sharing that with everyone.” Kameron concluded, “She was just such a great example showing all that.” Yes, she is.
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