Dorinda Medley On Luann De Lesseps: “Just Stay Out Of Rehab. Stop Worrying About Me.”

This Dorinda Medley vs. Luann de Lesseps beef is all sorts of confusing. During the Season 10 finale, Dorinda was upset that Luann told Tinsley Mortimer to bring Scott Kluth to her cabaret show. This bothered her because her own man John Mahdessian did not get an invite.

During the cabaret, Luann wore several Jovani gowns. Earlier in the season, Dorinda brought Luann to the Jovani showroom to check out dresses. Somehow that all melded together and Dorinda yelled out “Jovani” multiple times during Lu’s performance. But if you ask Dorinda, she insists, she was NOT heckling. Ummmm. What is her definition of heckling?

Based on a recent Wach What Happens Live episode, Dorinda still has beef with Luann. Andy Cohen asked Dorinda if she was surprised to hear what Luann was saying about her during the Season 11 premiere episode.

Dorinda told him, “Well, she has to deflect. God forbid she puts the focus on what’s really going on in her life. Then it’s a disaster area.” There are a lot of Housewives who have this issue. Even on Real Housewives of New York. And in the Bravo clubhouse recently…

Dorinda threw in, “Just stay out of rehab. Stop worrying about me.” Damn.

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Later, Andy asked Dorinda about Luann getting close with Bethenny Frankel over the summer. Dorinda theorized, “I think that was a cause and effect. She basically saved her life, more or less. And, then, she felt she was responsible for her.” Well, that closeness might not last. Bethenny does yell “Life is not a cabaret!” in the Season 11 trailer.

And, of course, the conversation came back to Jovani. Again. A caller asked Dorinda, “Do you still think you weren’t heckling Luann when you yelled ‘Jovani’ at her cabaret show?” Dorinda adamantly declared, “No, I don’t and I wasn’t. Someone from People magazine who sat by me said I wasn’t.”

Someone really needs to ask Dorinda to share her definition of the word “heckling.”

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[Photo Credit: Charle Sykes/ Bravo]