Jackie Goldschneider “Finds It Hard To Feel Bad For” Teresa Giudice As Joe Giudice’s Deportation Looms

Real Housewives of New Jersey  rookie, Jackie Goldschneider certainly brought a lot to the table during her first season. She gave us some epic moments and served many of them directly to Teresa Giudice’s face. More often than not, Teresa was only able to reply in profanity and random hand gestures.

Now that her first season with the show has ended, does Jackie regret confronting Teresa with the truth questions no one else would dare ask? According to the mom of four, not so much.

Since mafia wife Caroline Manzo departed RHONJ, we haven’t seen many people challenge Teresa directly. Word on the street is, sometimes you don’t come back if you upset the STAR. Enter Jackie, mom to two sets of twins, former

real estate attorney, and writer. A mom of two sets of twins has seen things, fear of Teresa must pale in comparison.

In an interview with TooFab, Jackie discussed the “controlling your husband” debate. She admitted, “I don’t regret it at all, I really don’t. It had nothing to do with her actual husband or what he did; it was a question more about control.” Of course, it was, but we have to consider who was on the receiving end of the question.

Jackie continued, “And looking back, I think that Teresa was already moving on with her life. So for her to sit there and say, ‘This is my life. I’m going through this right now,’ I don’t really buy it all.” You mean Old School Values Teresa might have been dipping her overly-tanned toes in the cougar pond? For better or for worse, right girl?

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Joe Giudice, Teresa’s current husband, has been serving a 41 month prison sentence for bank, wire, and mail fraud. Because Joe is not a legal US citizen, he is to be deported to Italy upon his release. During the Season 9 reunion, Teresa became noticeably distraught when the subject of Juicy Joe’s big trip home came up.

TooFab asked Jackie if seeing Teresa’s method acting vulnerability made her sympathetic towards her co-star. “I feel awful for her children. I really do. I can’t imagine my children being ripped away from their father. And I actually feel pretty bad for Joe,” she responded.

It really is a horrible situation for Teresa’s four beautiful daughters. Juicy might have put his wife in jail not been the most law-abiding guy, but he definitely has love for his children.

While Jackie believes the impending divorce and deportation for Juicy Joe is weighing heavily on him and the children, she isn’t too sad for Teresa. “Even if he [Joe] broke the law, I think it sucks for him to have to serve time and then have to leave. But as the reunion went on, I found it hard to feel bad for Teresa,” Jackie shared. Right, well I think being threatened with Andy Cohen’s note cards could do that to anyone. Hopefully, Jackie will not be triggered by the sight of blue paper going forward. What happened to Teresa’s jail-yoga, love and light attitude? #namastayoutofprison

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I really hope Jackie is back next season to continue stirring the pot. I’m sure Melissa Gorga is happy to have a name above hers on Teresa’s list of people to run over with her car team up against next year.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]