Dorinda Medley Says Ramona Singer Was “Terrible And Insensitive” When She Commented On Dennis Shields’ Death

While fur is flying in the 90210 courtesy of #PuppyGate, the Real Housewives of New York are sifting through the ashes of #ClambakeGate.  Newcomer Barbara Kavovit disinvited Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer for the sake of Luann de Lessep’s newfound sobriety. At least Barbara thought she disinvited them, but Ramona wasn’t quite sure and showed up anyway.

Dorinda stayed away. That was her choice after she refused–at Barbara’s request–to apologize to Luann for her drunken heckling at Lu’s cabaret show.  It turned out Dorinda was still waiting for Luann’s apology to her for telling the press that she is an alcoholic.  An argument that started during the cast trip to Colombia last season when Dorinda famously said to Luann, “Why don’t you drink some more and get arrested?”

In her Bravo blog, Dorinda wrote of #ClambakeGate:  “Holidaying with girlfriends should be inclusive, but alas, this once again did not happen as a group, and the houses were completely divided. With this said, I was completely blindsided when Barbara disinvited me to her clambake…. I found the decision rude, heartless and plain mean. Barbara and Lu both know I am out here on my own and they couldn’t care less. So much for forgiveness and moving forward.” Note to self: invitations that include ultimatums seem unwelcoming.

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Dorinda continued, “It turns out they hardly stayed at the clambake, led by Ramona, and before you know it the Blondes were back home with a bag full of lobsters!… In hearing the rap of their half hour stay at Barbara’s, I was relieved I did not attend because it sounded fraught with insecurities and unkindness. I’d rather have boiled myself next to those lobsters than be there in a negative atmosphere.” I like how Dorinda talks about a “negative atmosphere” like it’s a dark cloud at a picnic that has nothing to do with her emotional energy.

Dorinda also weighed in one of the most distasteful incidents from the last episode.  Namely, Ramona questioning Bethenny Frankel’s boyfriend/maybe fiance Dennis Shields’ intelligence, since he overdosed on drugs.  Dorinda said, “I can’t sugar coat what Ramona said about Dennis; it was terrible and insensitive. What were you thinking?! Rule of thumb: Do not talk about anyone that has passed, especially family members!”  I was thinking that Ramona sounded like everyone’s old, ignorant relative when she spoke, so I’d say it’s good advice.

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[Photo: Bravo]