Sonja Morgan Thinks Both Luann de Lesseps & Dorinda Medley Are Being Stubborn & Just Need To Apologize

Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan is back in the Hamptons, folks. This time without the aid of mass transit! Tinsley Mortimer must have prayed to Jesus and Coco Chanel to take the wheel. She managed to deliver them safely to Ramona Singer’s house (that is far, far away from the highway). Fresh off a photo shoot, Sonja had her mermaid extensions and a neutral attitude on this trip. Hope she packed some Mane ‘n Tail shampoo!

Since the group is divided and she is not currently in dispute with anyone, Sonja finds herself having to navigate between the camps. One thing remains clear, whether it’s dueling restaurant invites or clambake dis-invites, none of these people can consume a meal without drama.

Sonja has a new act, juggling between the ladies! Bethenny Frankel is competing for attention holding court with Luann de Lesseps and newcomer Barbara Kavovit in one house. Everyone else is ensconced at Ramona’s crib (again, not near the highway). Due to the conflict between Dorinda Medley and Luann, they cannot be in the same room together. When the subject of dinner comes up, Sonja was thrilled at being used conflicted.

In her Bravo blog, Sonja wrote, “Then I found myself caught between the blondes and brunettes with these dinner invitations. But I figured since I was staying with the blondes, it was only fair to spend some time with my brunettes. Plus I wanted to be there for Bethenny during this critical time while also respecting her privacy at home, and I wanted to be there to celebrate how far Lu has come since the intervention.”

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Caught between the blondes and the brunettes? Judy Blume called and wants the storyline to her next YA novel back. I swear I was in an elementary school full of children yesterday who had more problem-solving skills than the RHONY team. Can’t we all just get along?

Sonja was thankful Bethenny attended the dinner, as she was suffering from the recent loss of companion, Dennis Shields. She was also pleased to note Luann’s progress in sobriety. “I was happy Bethenny came out with us, because I was worried she would stay holed up at home and go into a depression over Dennis. And I’m glad we could all toast how far Luann has come since she was asking everybody for $6 million to buy a mansion. That was when I knew I needed to call Bethenny to observe what was going on, and thankfully she helped hold the intervention, ” she shared.

Hold up, did she just take credit for Luann’s intervention? I mean, surely Sonja wasn’t on the list of people Lu called in her purple haze of requesting $6 million to buy a house. You would call Sonja for like, hair dryers from 1976 and 20-year-old Gucci loafers. Not $6 million.

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When Sonja finally started to feel like her friend-balancing act was going well, here comes #clambakegate! Hostess Barbara is firmly on Team LuAnn and wants to dis-invite Dorinda because LuAnn is too petty fragile right now. Sonja said it’s Barbara’s call. “I’m really feeling stuck in the middle at this point and feel terrible for Lu and Dorinda. They are really being stubborn. Especially Dorinda at this point. ‘Just apologize’ as Ramona would say. I can’t believe I’m saying this! Let’s be honest, the hostess always has the upper hand, so if she wants to go, she has to apologize,” Sonja advised.

While she supports LuAnn on her path to $6 million sobriety, Sonja does feel Lu has no place in advising others on their drinking habits. Let’s be real, none of these people are qualified to comment on drinking fruit punch, much less alcohol. “I support Lu 100%, but I don’t think it’s her place to tell people that they need interventions. That’s what started this whole mess in Colombia—talking about Dorinda’s drinking,” Sonja explained.

Up next on the agenda, Ramona crashes the clambake because she gives no f*cks while Dorinda Netflix and chills with Sonja’s dog. Poor Marley, can you even imagine the things he has seen? He is clearly the hero of the season thus far.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]