Kenya Moore Returns For Season Finale Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

Tonight is the finale of Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 11, and the big surprise isn’t just Porsha Williams‘ gender reveal (especially since the cat is already VERY out of the bag!) but that Kenya Moore will return to show off her own baby bump, and of course stir up some trouble. Although this time unintentionally, it seems!

After a lackluster season where Porsha was one of the few highlights, the reunion and accompanying social media drama is more than making up for it. Not that following Porsha’s journey of love and motherhood isn’t fun, but it shouldn’t be the ONLY thing interesting happening on an entire season of a very popular Housewives franchise! Alright, I also enjoyed Tanya Sam, and although I thought Shamari DeVoe was fun, she didn’t really do much. Other than drink. 

Well, all dull things must come to an end – after all, we all survived Driver’s Ed class – and come to an end with a big old bang they do!

Porsha’s carnival-themed gender reveal party looks more like an elementary school field day than a high-end professionally planned party. Porsha’s pregnancy hormones get the best of her when she bursts into tears and almost doesn’t go through with the gender reveal plans!

Meanwhile, Eva Marcille is feeling betrayed by NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton after they contributed to gossip and rumors about her love life and finances. Tanya’s honesty with Eva deepened their bond, but Eva is questioning her friendship with NeNe completely.

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And NeNe is questioning her friendship with Cynthia Bailey in return! NeNe is shocked by Kenya’s appearance at Cynthia’s wine bar event and accuses Cynthia of trying to set her up. I seem to remember NeNe and Kenya being on good terms, so I’m confused: where did NeNe’s sudden hatred of Krayonce come from? Weren’t they getting along at the end of last season, or do I have too short a memory, jumbled with too many Housewives thoughts?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]