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Denise Richards Says Some Of Her Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Costars Are “Different Off Camera And On Camera”

Denise Richards has been such a breath of fresh air for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She comes across real, genuine, and having no desire to put on a facade. Plus, it’s nice to see that she’s as confused about the dog drama as we are! However, just because Denise is genuine and authentic doesn’t mean her fellow Housewives are.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills struggle with authenticity. First you have Camille Grammer who very clearly changed personalities between seasons 1 and 2. Brandi Glanville says that Kyle Richards acts one way with Lisa Vanderpump in her life, and another way when they are apart. Most of the cast says LVP is secretly manipulative. Finally, Lisa Rinna openly said she was turning into the “nicest f***ing Lisa Rinna”

Denise had A LOT to say about her Real Housewives experience in a recent interview on Radio Andy. Despite her acting background, Denise did not treat this as another Hollywood role. Denise said in the interview, “I don’t think of this like a job. Being myself with these group of women and being integrated into that world and the dynamics, I’m not trying to pretend to be a character that I’m playing.”

If only the other women would follow suit and give us a legitimate show. Too much off camera plotting goes down in the 90210.

When asked if she thought any of her costars were playing a role Denise said, “There is a couple. I’m going to keep my mouth shut who, that are a little different off camera and on camera.”

We can’t help but wonder who she’s referring to. It’s unlikely that she is talking about her longtime friend Rinna, so who? 

Denise also does not seem to be a fan of the over the top discussions in the group. She says in the interview, “It’s not that they’re not nice, it’s they’re not themselves. There’s a bit of a wall and some of it is not as, I guess nice, but I think that there would be things that wouldn’t be said if it was real life.” 

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In real life, most people would never spend months of their lives fighting over selling stories to the tabloids. It’s hard to relate to anyone in this group of women, but we love them nevertheless.

She also tells the host, “I was surprised by that because some I had talked too off camera and then when I saw them on camera I wasn’t expecting certain things, but I think that a couple of them are a little on camera than off camera.”

Does this mean that Denise gets blindsided by one of the women at some point in the season? We need her to get messy eventually. She does confront Kim Richards in the trailer, so maybe that’s it. She’s friends with Brandi so we need her to step up the drama game.

At the end of the interview, Denise says, “I wish that they would show a little more of how they are off camera, on. Actually, they might be [better received].” 

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Why would you open your life up to the world if you aren’t going to be your true self? What if someone from Beverly Hills went to jail? That could be fun! It did wonders for Luann de Lesseps. Give Rinna a cabaret show now!

Perhaps Erika Jayne isn’t as cold off camera as she comes across on camera. Maybe Dorit Kemsley doesn’t use that fake accent off camera. We don’t know who she means, but they all come across manufactured at times.


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