Brandi Glanville Is “Ashamed” After New Drunk Photos Appear Online

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville, is feeling ashamed. No, she isn’t having delayed remorse over slapping Lisa Vanderpump for no reason. And she isn’t reflecting on when she was photographed, how can I eloquently put this, with her tampon string hanging out of her pants without properly checking herself in the restroom. This isn’t even about her juvenile social media antics regarding her ex-husband’s current wife.

Our Lady of Class and Sophistication is whining defending herself over some brand new pics that have popped up. Hi Brandi, if you didn’t already know, the internet is a thing. And when you have been struggling to stay relevant on a reality television show, paparazzi tend to take your photo when you go out in public. She isn’t exactly new to the game. So what on earth could have sparked such a dramatic response from a person known for not giving any f*cks? WAIT FOR IT!

First, I promise you guys I will keep the snark to a minimum and only focus on the pertinent information here. Oh come on, you know I wouldn’t do that to you. Brandi was recently photographed exiting Mr. Chow’s restaurant in Los Angeles. It is fair to say she was in a state of total inebriation, or as the kids say, “wasted”. After the unsightly snaps appeared online, Brandi was not pleased. In an article from Page Six, Brandi admits she is “not perfect.” Raise your hand if you thought Brandi was perfect in the first place. I don’t see any hands out there!!

Per the article, Brandi attempted to defend herself on Twitter. “For those of you that want to judge me, you can all you want, but I’m telling you I’m embarrassed,” she said while crying. I mean, okay. For all intents and purposes it does suck to have one’s more embarrassing moments put on display to the entire world. But on the other hand, this is’t her first rodeo. She isn’t some young ingenue that doesn’t know the ropes. Plus, she has two grown boys who probably have computers and friends who go online… “I know I embarrassed my kids. I’m not perfect,” she stated.

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Brandi explained that her reason for drinking too much is because she struggles seeing her friends with their “perfect husbands”. Nope. Not buying it. Brandi had a very public split from ex Eddie Cibrian, who cheated on her multiple times. So, in reality, we can blame ‘ol Eddie for making Scheana Marie a thing. Thanks so much, Eddie! But real talk, Brandi and Eddie divorced in 2010. Is she still using this as an excuse to get drunk in 2019?

Brandi admits she had gone down to drunky town but “begged” her followers to “please stop these negative comments.” Why should they? Sis, last time I checked, you signed up for this. Then, she went on to say, “Sorry for my tweet I just realized the only people I owe explanations to are my family,” she wrote. “My body isn’t perfect and I got wasted i’m sure it’s happened to plenty of you however you don’t have people taking your picture and putting on the internet.”

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How are those explanations going, Brandi? Was your family sympathetic to your plight? Did they forgive you for wearing shorts that don’t even attempt to cover your ass? Look, I’m no prude and I certainly agree no one has a “perfect” body, but come on. While fashion doesn’t necessarily have an age limit, historically what Brandi wears cannot be called fashion.

In one Twitter post, Brandi seemingly made light of the situation by saying, “Every few years I get wasted and stumble out of a Hollywood hotspot. Didn’t want to let anyone down.”

Brandi has said she suffers from depression and advised social media commenters, “Unless you really just want to send me over the f–king edge. I’m sad and ashamed. isn’t that enough?” No, Brandi. You don’t get a pass from the general public because you got caught being half-carried out of a known celebrity eatery in LA. That isn’t a result of depression, it is a result of stupidity. This was a preventable situation. No one held her hostage, forcing wine and tequila shots down her throat. She is a grown 46-year-old (huh, I remember when we were the same age) woman who can be held accountable for her decisions.

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Brandi did receive some online support from other Housewives. Real Housewives of Dallas star, Stephanie Hollman, commented, “Praying that God surrounds you with love honey. Keep your chin up, you are enough just as you are.” Stephanie has previously admitted to attempting suicide and knows all about falling ill to depression.

If Brandi is yearning for sympathy to continue her quest to get back on reality television, I have some advice. Get your agent to grab you a gig on Botched. Please, for the love of all things holy – stop the drinking and the Botox.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]