Summer House Recap: More Cheating Rumors

Summer House Paige DeSorbo Lindsay Hubbard

I know Summer House has been getting a bad rap this season. However, as each episode airs, I’m liking it more and more. This week, we pick up where we left off, at the Monte Carlo party, where a bomb has just dropped. Danielle Olivera spilled the beans to Paige DeSorbo about the latest Kyle Cooke cheating rumor. It’s hard to keep track of how many there have been at this point.

Lindsay Hubbard is pissed. I’m on #TeamHubbs here. It was not Danielle’s place to say anything, especially at a party where everyone is drunk.

Danielle is crying, Hannah Berner tries to comfort her, and Paige is trying to diffuse the situation by reassuring Lindsay she won’t say anything… yet. They decide to keep it to themselves for now or at least until Kyle‘s birthday weekend is over. It’s up to Linsday to break the news to Kyle as 1) she’s the one who knows the source and 2) she’s his oldest friend in the house. The rest of the group is oblivious and dances the night away. Amanda Batula and Kyle are so happy. Ignorance is truly bliss for them… for now.

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Summer House Lindsay Hubbard Paige DeSorbo

We’re back at the house and the usual people are coupling up; Amanda and Kyle, Hannah and British guy #1, Danielle and British guy #2… but wait, Paige tells Hannah she can use their shared bedroom. IS SHE GOING TO GIVE INTO CARL RADKE?!

She climbs into his bed for a strict snuggle session. Paige pulls an epic move and leaves Carl at like 3 AM to go into bed with Lindsay. Paige continues to give Carl a taste of his own medicine and it’s incredible. On a complete side note, can we talk about how much nudity is in this show?! We see British guy #1 grab Hannah’s boobs and Kyle’s running around his room with his penis out. This show leaves nothing to the imagination.

Summer House

It’s morning time and Jordan Verroi is doing his daily routine which includes laps in the pool, many push-ups in his room and two face masks. Besides the face masks, it looks like my personal hell. The British guys aka Dave and Max leave the house and honestly, I need Dave to become a main cast member. He’s such a cutie and I think he genuinely likes Hannah.

Upstairs at the house, Lindsay and Danielle are discussing what happened the night before. They’re both crying and it feels like a bit of an overreaction. I agree Danielle should’ve kept her mouth shut, but it was a drunken mistake on her part and Linsday needs to stop placing her trust issues from Everett Weston onto to her friendships.

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Summer House Jordan Verroi

Kyle deems it Sunday Funday for the house… famous last words. Lindsay and Kyle are about to have a chat and I can feel the tension through my TV. I can’t imagine living this. It’s obvious how much Lindsay is upset about this rumor and how hard it is for to tell Kyle and potentially ruin his relationship with Amanda.

Kyle says he did have a big night out in April and isn’t sure if this is true or not. How many times can he use this excuse?! It’s lame AF. He claims he’s a different person after he cheated last summer and his mindset on marriage and commitment has changed. I want to root for them but similarly to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright on Vanderpump Rules, Kyle makes it difficult to do so.


Kyle and Lindsay wrap up their conversation with Kyle knowing he has to tell Amanda about this rumor. Kyle tells Amanda and she remains pretty calm but when Kyle can’t deny it because he doesn’t remember, she gets out of the pool and removes herself from the situation. Amanda puts it best; there are no rumors about her because she wouldn’t put herself in situations where a rumor could even start.

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As she walks away crying and screaming, my heart breaks for her. I’d like to reiterate how beautiful and bad ass Amanda is and she doesn’t deserve this from her boyfriend. Amanda tells Kyle to enjoy his new apartment because she deserves better… YOU GO GIRL! While this could totally be only a rumor, it’s the fact she has to deal with this bullshit time and time again.

Sunday Funday comes to an abrupt halt and everyone starts packing up to head back to the city. Despite everyone’s offers to take her back, Amanda says she is going to drive back with Kyle. This is truly the most uncomfortable car ride I’ve ever seen. She says she can’t move forward until she has an answer to whether the rumor is true or not. Unfortunately for Amanda, she may never get a straight answer unless Kyle can track down the other person responsible for this said makeout.


On a lighter note, Hannah is working on a promo for her new podcast “Berning in Hell”. Clever name but do we need another podcast? I love Hannah but there are so many podcasts from reality stars already. Hannah gets dressed for the promo in a red one-piece with devil ears and for some reason, Jordan is there for moral support. He continues to be an enigma and no one can really figure him out but as Hannah put it perfectly, he needs to stop being fake.

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Summer House Jordan Verroi

Elsewhere in the city, Kyle discusses the cheating rumor with his mom. He tells her he messaged the girl on social media to ask if they’ve ever met before. He’s waiting for this response. Can we let that sink in?! My boyfriend is the same age as Kyle and if he had to do this to prove to me he didn’t make out with a stranger, I’d be gone faster than Kyle can finish a bottle of Whispering Angel. Someone else’s Mom makes an appearance this episode and it’s Carl’s.

Lindsay has become close with Sharon and decides to have her come to the city to surprise Carl and get him out of his funk. Carl shows up to dinner and is so surprised. It is so cute. He’s so overwhelmed with joy, he starts to cry. It’s super sweet to see this side of Carl. Dare I say that I think Carl is an officially a reformed f**k boy? We can only hope.

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Summer House Recap: Another Summer, Another Rumor.

Across town, another f**k boy trying to prove he’s reformed, is Kyle waiting for Amanda with flowers. She has been ignoring his calls which is I love to hear. She immediately asks if Kyle has heard from the girl and then the episode ends?! Wow these producers really want to make sure we all keep watching next week. I’m going to make a prediction and say this turns out to be only a rumor. Next week, Carl’s mom comes to the Summer House (Paige meeting the mom quite quick!) and we may finally see a more real side of Jordan!


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