Kyle Richards Has A Message For Lisa Vanderpump

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump has managed to stay the focal point of the season even though she stopped filming mid-way through. This is due to the cast not being able to go one single episode without mentioning Lisa. Nothing positive, of course. 

Camille Grammer was disappointed Lisa didn’t come to her wedding. Erika Girardi told the group that she finally is queen bee feels safe now that Lisa isn’t there. Dorit Kemsley somehow managed to come out squeaky clean and throw Lisa under the bus for #puppygate. And Lisa’s frenemy former best friend, Kyle Richards, has yet to stand up for her during all of this. 

Kyle said she misses Lisa on the cast trips, but seems just fine galavanting around with her new pet best friend Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. So how does Kyle really feel about Lisa?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kyle opened up about her feelings on Lisa and what message she wants to share with her. Unless it’s an apology, I doubt Lisa wants to hear anything Kyle has to say.

First, Kyle wanted to share a message to Lisa. She said, “I always wish Lisa the best. I know that she may not feel that, because of everything that’s gone on this season, but I have a lot of respect for Lisa. I care about her very much.”

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She continued, “You know, we had a lot of fun together, and I really wish her the best! I think she’s amazing at what she does with her restaurants and bars, so I wish her continued success and health and happiness.”

Wow. That’s her message to Lisa? Could it get anymore generic than that? You’d think after being friends with someone for a decade Kyle could come up with something more genuine than “she’s amazing at work” and “I wish her all the best.” 

Kyle also discussed whether she thought Lisa was going to come back to the show or not. She said, “I don’t know. I think she’s done for now.”

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She added, “We all [think about it]…That’s why I say you just, you never know…Honestly, each year you think, ‘I mean, could I really hang in there another year?’ But there’s a lot of fun we have, too, you know? I think you’ve seen on the show this season, even though it was drama, there was also a lot of fun.”

Where are all the fun parts she’s referencing? The only fun scenes I can think of were focused on Denise Richards. Or Lisa’s swans chasing Kyle out of the house. I’m pretty sure the rest of the season will remain focused on bashing Lisa, and Kyle not defending her. After all, the only other thing they have to talk about besides Lisa are their lawsuits. And we all know that isn’t going to happen!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]