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Check Out An Exclusive Clip From Tonight’s Life After Lockup Episode

The Love After Lockup spin-off show Life After Lockup is back tonight with a brand-new episode.

Michael Simmons gets released from prison and (for some reason) Megan J is there to greet him, even though he is married to Sarah Simmons and completely played Megan all last season. Clint Brady’s mom is not happy to meet his wife Tracie Wagaman. This is very valid considering that Tracie relapsed and stole from her son before abandoning him. Andrea Edwards gets emotional when Lamar Jackson is released from his second prison stint.

Aside from all that, Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are still at odds over the same thing: her friendships with ex-cons. Marcelino is not down with Brittany hanging out with her ex-girlfriend Amanda and her former cellmate Sascha.

During an exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Brittany admits, “In prison, I don’t have anything to worry about. At home, my plate is full.” Who would have thought someone would actually long for a life in prison?

In the clip, Brittany tells Marcelino, “I just want to be home and I don’t want to feel guilty about anything.”

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When Brittany voices her frustrations with Marcelino’s refusal to accept her friends, he tells her “I’m in a relationship with you. I’m not in a relationship with them.”

He also makes a valid point during one of his on-camera interviews: “She’s taking a risk by hanging out with Amanda and Sascha. One step in the wrong direction and she might end up in prison.”

Nevertheless, Brittany is upset that her husband does not seem to trust her. She asks him “Do you think I would jeopardize it doing something stupid?”

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Check out a clip from tonight’s episode below!


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