NeNe Leakes Explains Why She Is Bothered By Cynthia Bailey And Kenya Moore’s Friendship; Says Kenya’s Appearance At Party Was “Orchestrated”

NeNe Leakes has been dealing with a lot on Real Housewives of Atlanta this season. Her husband, Gregg Leakes is battling colon cancer, and NeNe has been having a hard time dealing with it. She also wonders if Gregg’s cancer diagnosis is some sort of karma. Then Kandi Burruss and pregnant Porsha Williams decided to go into NeNe’s closet, which is apparently a big “No No!” An angry NeNe tore a camera man’s shirt and possibly pulled off Porsha’s belt. Again- what is in that closet?

It is safe to say that the warm sisterhood that NeNe and Cynthia Bailey shared is over, and Cynthia’s friendship contract is long gone. So, what is the cause of this drama? Former RHOA star Kenya Moore came to Cynthia’s wine cooler launch. And Kenya, who was very pregnant at the time, was just glowing when she twirled in. NeNe was not happy and called Kenya a “monster.”

In a clip from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, NeNe is joined by loyal soldier friend Marlo Hampton as she vented. Warning—the language in this post is a bit rough. “Cynthia—whole things is…let people know that somebody is going to be in the same setting as them and they don’t get along,” NeNe said.

Cynthia and I are very good friends, as far as I’m concerned. We’re close. We talk 10 times a day. We spend holidays together. I am a shoulder for her to lean on. She is my shoulder to lean on,” NeNe stated. “We are like sisters –as far as I’m concerned. I say as far as I’m concerned. Remember that, okay?”

NeNe appears to be jealous, but at the same time dismissive, of Cynthia’s relationship with Kenya. “I am the kind of friend that when you call me, I make the time to talk to you. Kenya is the kind of friend that when she has time, she will call you. And there’s a f***ing difference.”

NeNe also mentions that Cynthia heard from someone that NeNe was considering not attending the launch party. “When we get to the event, Kandi shows up with Kenya. Kandi’s exact words to Cynthia were, ‘You wanted Kenya here, and here she is.’” NeNe added, “So I know then that Cynthia had gotten the message about me not wanting to be there, and that they had orchestrated Kenya being there.” Of course–because everything this season is about NeNe.

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In the same video, Cynthia speaks out about NeNe’s reaction to seeing Kenya at the party. “I didn’t think anything of it and I really didn’t think she was coming. I didn’t think I had to get the guest list approved with anybody. Well, NeNe didn’t see it that way.”

Cynthia also addressed Kenya going up on stage and making an announcement, which obviously infuriated NeNe. “And also Kenya made a speech, which was totally impromptu,” Cynthia said. “What am I supposed to do? Tell her that she can’t lift me up in a blaze of glory?” Cynthia should have known that she was in trouble when NeNe wouldn’t let Gregg go up on stage to receive some supportive prayers.

But NeNe wasn’t done talking about Cynthia. “I don’t have a problem with Kenya walking into the event. Because, at the end of the day, Cynthia can have all the friends in the f***ing world. It doesn’t matter to me.” Oh, NeNe. It clearly matters a lot to you. “What I have a problem with [was] she was using an excuse. She was trying to wiggle her f***ing way out of it by saying ‘I invited her but I didn’t know Kenya was going to come.’”

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NeNe continued to scold her former bestie about how she should have picked up the phone and mentioned Kenya’s invite to NeNe. “But give me a heads up, b*tch. Because you want a heads up. Don’t do some sh*t to me that you don’t want me to do to you. Cause see [when I do this sh*t to you] cause my sh*t is going to be so crazy,” NeNe concluded.

During the RHOA finale, fans overheard a phone call between Cynthia and Kandi as the two co-stars decide to use the same story as to how Kenya came to be at the party. Is this the “sneaky and underhanded” behavior that NeNe warned viewers about?

The Season 11 reunion is going to be explosive, and I am excited to see what goes down!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]