Ramona Singer Reveals How She Keeps Her Full-Time Status On Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona Singer is the “OG” of Real Housewives of New York. She has been on the show since day one, and she never left, unlike Bethenny Frankel, who left and returned. Luann “Cabaret” De Lesseps was at one time demoted to be a lowly Friend of the Housewives.

Ramona has, as always, been busy causing drama during Season 11. At Barbara Kavovit’s clambake, Ramona made her own lobster goodie bags by shoving lobsters in a plastic bag to bring home. At another time, Ramona was caught kissing serial Housewife dater Harry Dubin. Why, Ramona? Why?

The “OG” of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson, was recently demoted to a Friend of the Housewives after appearing in all 13 seasons. So, is Ramona concerned about losing her apple? Nope!

Ramona revealed to US Weekly why she isn’t worried about losing her place on RHONY. “I’m real. What you see is what you get. Sometimes I can be, I think I’m entertaining. I always just have a smile on my face. I think I always try to get the group to like each other and be the person to get everyone to get along,” Ramona said.

Ramona said, “I just, I think it’s because I’m real, I’m real and people relate. And I think, I’ve been on it because people saw me first coming on as a woman married for 20 years with a beautiful daughter and a major business.” Wait–Ramona is the one who tries to get the cast to get along? Am I watching a different show?

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Ramona believes that all the changes that viewers have experienced with her, such as her divorce from Mario Singer after being married for 23 years, contribute to her success on the reality show.

“They see me evolve to getting divorced and being heartbroken and yet getting over that now being friendly with my ex-husband. They see me raise a daughter from like 12 now to 24 who’s beyond special woman in every way. And I think they can relate to that,” Ramona said.

Ramona continued, “They see I’m social and I make mistakes and I fight. But I make up quick. I mean, I do fight, but I make up quick. See, unlike these other women, I don’t hold a grudge. Life is too short. Ladies, don’t hold grudges and gentlemen.” What does “don’t hold grudges and gentlemen” even mean, Ramona?

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Ramona also credits her “unfiltered personality” for making her the only original Housewife among the longest-running shows to never leave or be demoted. RHONY has been on the air longer than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where Kyle Richards is the only remaining “OG” since Lisa Vanderpump escaped quit.

Still, Ramona may want to be a bit cautious. After all, Bravo has demoted or fired fan favorites before.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]