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Andy Cohen Discusses How Much Ramona Singer Has Changed Since Her Divorce

Can you believe that we are finishing up Season 11 of the Real Housewives of New York? It seems like the show just started back up and now the reunion is almost here. RHONY has become the gold standard of Housewife shows. The ladies are clever, combative and aren’t afraid to look like fools on camera. And their genuine friendships usually result in them finding a way to work out their differences. Except with Luann de Lessepsof course!

Ramona Singer has been around since the beginning of the show and has never been afraid to display her real self on camera. And it is not always pretty. Ramona can be thoughtless, rude, demanding and self-centered. You have to wonder, what does Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen think about Ramona and her diva-like ways?

When asked about which Housewife has had the most guest demands on his show, Andy revealed to Vulture,Ramona [Singer] used to be very demanding in early days. I think we had a come to Jesus after she and [her ex-husband] Mario [Singer] split up. She and I had a little sit down in my office.”

Andy says that the days of demanding Ramona are now over. At least from his perspective. He explained, “I don’t know what happened, but since Mario, she has become more calm, and she’s become even more delightful to deal with, I will say.”  “Calm” and delightful” are not words I would use when describing Ramona, but I’ll take Andy’s word for it.

However, I do agree that there seemed to be a change in Ramona around the time of her divorce. She was a bit more humble and a little more thoughtful. Of course, Ramona being Ramona, she continued to demand the best room on every cast trip and treated house staff like her own personal servants! But, she was just a little looser and a little more fun.

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Even if the split from Mario turned Ra-mean-a into Ra-nice-a, how would Andy feel about her going back to Mario? Andy hedged his bets, stating, “I just want whatever makes her happy.” And is what makes Ramona happy Mario?

It was clear on the cast Miami trip that Ramona and Mario still have chemistry. A lot of it. She was flirting with him like crazy, but that seemed to be the extent of things. Ramona doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to commit to anyone and she enjoys dating, even making out with the dubious Harry Dubin last year!

Although single, Mario-free Ramona can also be awful, would we have her any other way? This season, she has been back up to her old tricks, like being dismissive of Barbara Kavovit. And she threw a shady birthday party for Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan to get out of attending Luann’s cabaret.

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So, maybe the old Ramona is not so different from who she is today. If I was Ramona, though, I would keep in the back of my mind that Housewife status is a privilege–not a right. Just ask the recently demoted Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson!


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