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Clint Brady Has A Big Secret On Tonight’s Life After Lockup

This season of Life After Lockup is nothing short of reality TV gold. I have no idea why these people keep putting themselves out there to this extent, but I’m very happy that they do.

Watching this show is the best reason to stay in on a Friday night. And tonight’s episode sounds like it’s going to be chock full of drama.

Tracie Wagaman celebrates her new life of freedom now that she is finally off parole. However, her husband Clint Brady is hiding a “big secret.” What could this be? Let’s just hope it’s not as lame as the “big secret” Megan J teased for many episodes. Last week she claimed that she talked to one of Michael Simmons’ friends on the phone and exchanged photos. Then, the story changed and they kissed. My intuition is telling me that there’s more to it than that. However, her initial reveal was very underwhelming.

Speaking of Michael, he still hasn’t learned any lessons from his multiple stints in prison. Or from watching himself look like a terrible person on a reality TV show. On tonight’s episode, he risks threatening parole. Oh, Michael. Such a mess. I have no idea why Megan and Sarah Simmons have any interest in him.

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Meanwhile, Brittany Santiago is fighting for custody of her son in court. Unfortunately, she gets some bad news about the case during tonight’s episode.

For some reason, Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes are still trying to make things work with her manufactured drama to be on TV. Ugh. Just make it stop.

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