Real Housewives Of Dallas Returns For Season 4 With LeeAnne Locken’s Wedding, A New Cast Member And Loads Of Drama

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS -- Episode 301 -- Pictured: (l-r) LeeAnn Locken, Stephanie Hollman, Kameron Westcott -- (Photo by: Peter Larsen/Bravo)

At the end of the last season of the Real Housewives of Dallas, we were left with many questions. Would LeeAnne Locken and long-time boyfriend-fiancee Rich Emberlin finally make it to the altar? Did Kameron Wescott achieve world domination of the pet food market with her odd pink dog food? Was Mama Dee Simmons really going to relinquish control of her cosmetics company to daughter D’Andra Simmons?

Lucky for us, we will soon be finding out the answers to our RHOD questions as the show is returning for Season 4. Each year, I cross my fingers that the show will be back and so far, my wishes have been granted. Thank you Bravo!

People shared the new season trailer for the Real Housewives of Dallas and we are in for more fun and craziness from the ladies. Drama–both new and reheated–are also on the menu and will be delivered to your television courtesy of the Texas ladies. No tip required.

The LeeAnne and D’Andra feud continues on this season, with D’Andra declaring to her, “You owe me a big f***ing apology. When you get on your knees and apologize to me is when I will accept you back as a friend.” In other words, D’Andra might want to start seeking out a replacement friend!

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Surprisingly, Kameron is at the center of much of the cast drama, including having a come to Jesus talk with LeeAnne. Kameron tells LeeAnne, “I’m not afraid of you” and LeeAnn responds, “I know you’re not. I know you have a point.” Kameron ominously adds, “And if anyone should be afraid, you should be afraid of me.” I guess their newly formed friendship hits a bump in the road.

Pot stirrer Brandi Redmond and Kameron engage in an epic dinner napkin throwing, f**k you throwing showdown. No sex toys tossed this time, however! Maybe Kameron’s friendship with LeeAnne has turned her to the dark side. Or the “I know how to get more screen time side.”

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New Housewife Kary Brittinghamintroduced by D’Andra, joins the cast this season. Kary appears to be able to hold her own with the ladies, exclaiming to Kameron and Brandi about another cast member, “She likes to give sh*t, but she cannot f***ing take it. I’m sick of people like that!” It is unclear who she is talking about, but we can be pretty sure it is not sweet-natured Stephanie Hollman.

Thankfully, Mama Dee is back for more twisted mother-daughter schadenfreude with D’Andra. Lil’ Dee states to Mama Dee, “All I know is when we signed that trust over, I knew what was in there.” Mama Dee snaps back, “Don’t be stupid!” I automatically take Mama Dee’s side in this one because I love that woman.

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Cary Deuber is a Friend of the Housewives this season and is not seen much in the trailer. Mrs. Deuber grew on me over time and I thought she played a valuable role of the common sense Housewife last season. I guess common sense will get you a demotion!

Other highlights from the upcoming season include LeeAnne and Rich’s extravagant wedding and a cast trip to Thailand, complete with tuk tuks, prayers and elephants. One of the best scenes from the highlights is of LeeAnne meditating with the mantra, “Don’t kill anyone. Jail’s not worth it LeeAnne.”  Baby steps, LeeAnne, baby steps!

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The Real Housewives of Dallas returns on September 4th. I am excited to see more of what the Texas ladies will be up to this season!


[Photo Credit: Peter Larsen/Bravo]