THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- "Life is a Cabaret" Episode 1019 -- Pictured: Luann de Lesseps -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Luann de Lesseps Responds To Ramona Singer’s Accusations That She Is Still Drinking

On her way to becoming a celebrated cabaret performer, Luann de Lesseps hit a few bumps in the road. And luckily the Real Housewives of New York cameras have documented all the drama. One of those bumps was marrying, and then divorcing, Tom D’Agostino after seven months of wedded warfare bliss. Luann was arrested in Palm Beach in December of 2017 for charges including disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest with violence. She swiftly entered rehab.

But Luann violated the terms of her probation by drinking, and later agreed to a new plea deal in May of 2019. She was also sued by her ex-husband and her two children for violating the terms of her divorce agreement.

Luann made a second appearance in rehab with co-star Bethenny Frankel’s help. Luann left rehab two weeks early, and Bethenny was not amused. During Bethenny’s Miami cabaret melt-down, she said that she might have helped fund Luann’s latest foray into rehab. Luann cleared up that rumor by stating that Bravo paid for her most recent trip to rehab. So, why is Bravo footing the bill?

Ramona “Pinot” Singer also questioned why Luann would leave rehab after only two weeks. During the second part of the RHONY reunion, Ramona told Luann that she believes that Luann isn’t sober.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Luann sounded off on Ramona’s claims. “A lot of what Ramona says in the reunion does get me in trouble, ’cause people see it and they listen to it. It doesn’t help me and it doesn’t help me get through this difficult situation, so I really didn’t appreciate some of the comments Ramona makes in the second reunion episode,” Luann stated.’

“She doesn’t get any better at it in the third reunion episode and you are going to see that,” Luann explained. “It just looks really hateful and not supportive as a woman. For a woman who claims to support women, she is not very supportive.”

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During the reunion show, Ramona and Bethenny discussed the length of Luann’s most recent rehab stay. “This is like ABCs! The first month didn’t work for you, honey pie? You stay another six months, four months,” Ramona exclaimed.

Luann responded, “Don’t talk to me, Ms. Pinot Grigio.” Boom! Mic drop.

The drama ramped up when Ramona continued to accuse Luann of secretly imbibing. “I don’t really give a s**t! I don’t have an alcoholic problem, OK?! I’m gonna give you tough love. “… I’m not gonna give you a f**king break. I believe you’re still drinking on the side! What do you think about that?” Ramona shouted.

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When Luann denied drinking, Ramona was still riding her Ramona-coaster. “Well, I think you are, OK? I think you are!”

Luann told Entertainment Tonight that the reunion does bring the women together–eventually “I think after the reunion you’ll see that we are in a better place and, you know, we are a family…. We all have families and we all have issues, but at the end of the day, you all have to, you know, sit down at the dinner table and have a meal, so we have to sort things out, and when you really care about people that’s what you do,” Luann shared.

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She added, “I think what you are going to see on the last part of the reunion is a lot of reconciliation, a lot of everyone owning their stuff, a lot of me going into the explanation of why I was so into my cabaret and taking care of myself, and rightfully so.”

Of course, it is hard to forget that Ramona planned a surprise party for Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley on the same night as Luann’s holiday cabaret show. Ramona will do anything to avoid Luann’s show. Life may be a cabaret for Luann, but not so much for the other Housewives. Luann even assaulted our ears again recorded a new single, Feelin’ Jovani, and launched a line of IV drips with the same name. Hopefully Luann can keep Feelin’ Jovani, and stay sober, at the same time.

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