Andy Cohen Explains Why A Las Vegas Vanderpump Rules Spin-Off Might Not Be A Good Idea

Vanderpump Rules is a gold mine for Bravo. No other show (besides the Housewives) has the power and popularity on the network. We love watching how messy people like Jax Taylor and DJ James Kennedy act season after season. Also, the cast has genuine relationships with each other too, so it works. It’s a magical setup that most people assumed would be left on its own and not turned into a franchise.

However, all of that could soon change. When Lisa Vanderpump opened her Vegas cocktail garden, rumors began swirling about a possible spin-off show. The proposed idea would follow a new crop of employees and a new wave of dramatic, young people. Lisa does have more time on her hands these days, so anything is possible. However, Andy Cohen might feel differently about the idea based on his recent comments. 

In an interview with Page Six Andy questions whether or not a Vanderpump Rules spin-off would actually work. He says, “It’s not a show where you can just turn cameras on in a new place.”

It might work though! Jersey Shore was random people with cameras on, and look at the MAGIC they created. People will do anything when cameras are rolling.

Andy cited a recently failed series as to why it might not be successful. He said, “Lindsay Lohan tried to do it with the Lohan beach thing. There also needs to be some rooting interest of why all these people are there together.”

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One of the things that drew many into Vanderpump Rules was the Scheana Marie/Brandi Glanville connection. Scheana had a public affair with Brandi’s then-husband and both were friends with LVP. Hence the backdoor pilot.

Obviously, this created some tension between Brandi and Lisa, but it was great entertainment to watch. Scheana’s actions had real-life consequences for Brandi, so the stakes were high in that sit-down. It gave people a reason to tune into a new show about people they otherwise never knew.

Andy says in the interview that a main selling point for the series was the “history that was there between the people at SUR.” SO TRUE.

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We assume he means the partner swapping and cheating and other countless scandals. This is a messy group, but somehow it all works.

Andy also said, “I think what makes Vanderpump Rules work is that those people have known each other for years and Lisa has known them for so many years.”

Lisa may have known the OG cast for so many years, but she’s a genius when it comes to business. I’m sure with a green light for the new series, she would make it happen. There is a reason this woman has a massive entrepreneurial empire.

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Even though speculation is running rampant, there are no official plans for a show about the new Vegas location. Hopefully, we all get answers soon.

Since Lisa exited Housewives, this might be our only way to get an extra dose of the restaurateur. I’m sure the new should would have an entirely new vibe, but the same amount of heart-pounding drama. Give us what we want Bravo!


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]