Lisa Vanderpump Shades Denise Richards After Rescuing Her Foster Dogs Following Wildfires

The only person that did not shade Lisa Vanderpump this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was Denise Richards. She was just too busy talking about the size of her husband’s penis! This means that Lisa and Denise are on good terms these days, right? Ehhh. Not so much.

Just like the other RHOBH ladies, Denise felt that LVP should have shown up for reunion to share her side of the story and confront issues head on. Same here, don’t hate me LVP Stans. Now, Lisa is coming for Denise on Twitter, and yes, once again, it’s about a dog. Many dogs, this time though!

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, a caller told Denise “All throughout the season, LVP was wonderful to you. At the end, you sort of turned on her. Did something happen off-screen?”

Denise had a less than eloquent response. She said, “No, I didn’t turn on her! There was… incidences that happened and I’m….. you know. It happened.” Ummm. First off, that was very difficult to transcribe. In essence, Denise (very awkwardly) revealed nothing. Nevertheless, it did not sit well with LVP or her fans.

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Without revealing any actual specifics, Denise implied that something went down and they are not on the best terms because of it.

Of course, someone posted a clip of this very awkward moment on Twitter and another person tagged Lisa in a tweet. And that’s when Lisa’s Twitter Fingers went off. Again.

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Lisa tweeted, “Wow? The only “incident” we had outside of production was when you asked us to take 8 of your fostered dogs from the Malibu fires and @vanderpumpdogs rescued them, in this crisis, when we were at capacity.. it wasn’t shown.. too positive? Why all the hate?” Maybe it wasn’t shown because Lisa stopped filming the show and the production company was not happy about that. Just a hunch.

Still, it is also just very likely that Denise is jumping on the bandwagon with the other ladies and that’s what she was referring to: their “incidences.” God forbid she has a falling out with her co-stars people she only sees during filming to collect a paycheck.

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John Sessa weighed in because, well because he is John Sessa. He revealed, “Yes, it wasn’t shown but @vanderpumpdogs took them, got them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and found them the best furever homes…no donation was received and no mention of that lovely ‘incident’ at all!”

Wow. Denise didn’t throw a donation their way. Not even a shout out in an Instagram Story? Clearly, Denise was referencing the feuds among the RHOBH cast with her slurred comment and LVP just brought up some unrelated facts to drag her, but damn, come on Denise. Be grateful for the help.

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