Lisa Vanderpump & John Sessa

John Sessa Releases New Texts From Lisa Vanderpump As “Proof” She Attempted To Prevent Puppygate

Believe it or not, we are seeing the sun set on #puppygate. It was a time viewers will never forget. A scandal filled with dumped puppies and dumped friendships. While hidden woes of legal troubles lingered on the horizon for most of the cast, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended with a question mark. It’s almost like we watched a budget Who Done It? where no one wins in the end. Lisa Vanderpump is gone. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave has to fib to be relevant. Kyle Richards swears on her dog army and new teeth that LVP’s only goal this season was to make Dorit Kemsley look bad.

Lisa adamantly denied her involvement in the canine fiasco, but John Sessa never denied his. The Executive Director of Vanderpump Dogs felt some type of way after a dog in Dorit’s care wound up in a kill shelter. John backed Lisa, as the ladies accused her of releasing stories to the media and lying. But while Lisa was busy not being involved, was John involved a little too much? Now John rushes to Lisa’s defense once again, while it may prove Lisa’s innocence, did he implicate himself?

It’s always about the texts. After I’ve-never-told-a-lie-Teddi actually did lie about some texts “proving” Lisa’s involvement in #puppygate, Kyle stood firm on her theory Lisa wanted to publicly out the drama. Kyle recently had a Twitter meltdown and wrote a series of posts detailing her feelings on the scene that started it all. Naturally, John had a response.

When Kyle claimed Lisa knew Dorit was being set up, John was all, not so fast sweetie. On July 23, Kyle tweeted, “People who have spent their entire life treating life as a game and “winning” at it have had lots of practice. When I was told to go to Vanderpump Dogs way back at the beginning of the season, I knew right away what was going on.” If Kyle “knew what was going on”, she had the opportunity to shut it down too. Just saying. But John isn’t having any of what Kyle is serving.

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John replied, “@kylerichards Don’t twist this & create ur own narrative. Here is the Location Agreement for the scene @VanderpumpDogs It was requested by production on 7/25 BEFORE the dog was dumped (on 7/29) & was supposed to be a scene between u and @teddimellancamp grooming ur dogs on 8/2)!” Then he shared a screenshot of the location agreement via production.

Kyle responded to John’s tweet with, “John, will all due respect, they ALWAYS have us sign location agreements before every season. At my stores as well.” The location agreement showed Kyle and Teddi’s name on the call sheet, but not Lisa’s. So why was Lisa there? Is it possible she wanted to prevent all of them from outing Dorit?

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John wrote, “I’ve had enough of this! Kyle has already said that she knew why she was being brought into VP Dogs. She feigned ignorance by asking if the dog was there for grooming. Teddi & Kyle wanted to take Dorit’s head and Lisa wouldn’t give it to them so they took Lisa’s instead.” John admitted he chatted with Lisa prior to filming, and she advised him to “shut it down”.

He explained, “@LisaVanderpump and I had a phone call prior to filming and we were not in agreement and here is the text five minutes before she walked in the door.” John had sent Lisa a text asking her to call him at their usual time and Lisa responded with, “I want to shut it down, John. Let’s not go there.” As we all know, John trotted Lucy Lucy I’m Sick Of This Juicy out on camera for the world to see.

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Then John seems to think his part has been resolved, “@KyleRichards said this season was all about lies and deception – I agree – it was #RHOBH #SeasonNine #RHOBHMeanGirls … just not @lisavanderpumps – NOW BACK TO SAVING DOGS” Hmmm, methinks Dr. John is a bit messy.

Is John the culprit behind the Crime of the Century? Did John allow Dorit’s poor judgment to cloud his involvement in Lisa’s role as a Housewife? Didn’t he just admit he and Lisa were clearly “not in agreement” with how to handle Dorit’s stupidity violation of the dog adoption?

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Now that RHOBH is over and the reunion has wrapped, questions remain. John’s entanglement in #puppygate is as sketchy as Dorit’s bank account. Did John’s actions play a part in Lisa’s departure from the show? Sometimes people with minds of their own don’t follow directions. Obviously, John went against Lisa’s advisement to “shut it down.” Going forward, John should stick with saving dogs and stop trying to save Lisa. Game over.

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