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Billie Lee Dishes On Hookup With Lisa Vanderpump’s Son Max Todd

Billie Lee was the first trans cast member on Vanderpump Rules.  And, honestly, despite the hours I have spend watching, reading about, and writing about Vanderpump Rules, that’s about all I know about her.  The past couple of seasons, she was just kind of… there.  And she was only “there” sometimes.  She definitely wasn’t “there” for Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s Girls Night Out Party or Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding!

And she won’t be “there” for anything anymore, because she was fired for being super boring quit to focus on her anti-bullying campaign.   Now that Billie has quit the show, she seems to be hitting all the media outlets.  I guess she’s trying to get publicity for her “new projects?”  Girl, make that 15 minutes last as long as you can!

As part of her “farewell to fame” tour, Billie told Life & Style the deets about her hook-up with Max Todd, Lisa Vanderpump’s son.  That’s how irrelevant poor Billie was during her time on the show.  She is drudging up something that happened years ago to have something to talk about.

First of all, what is up with Max? Lisa gave her daughter, Pandora Todd a televised wedding, a sangria line, and some kind of involvement in TomTom that I can’t quite figure out.  She gave Max… a job as a bus boy?  Why does Lisa hate Max?  Maybe Max once got rid of a rescue dog?  We all know that REALLY pisses Lisa off.

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Anyway, remember way back in the day when Billie hooked up with Max?  Like, in her very first season when it seemed like Billie might actually DO something besides not get invited anywhere?  Billie revealed to Life & Style that her hook-up with Max was a transparent attempt to get closer to Lisa and get more screen time just a “casual thing.”  Explaining that they “work together a lot,” Billie admitted she “had a crush on” Max.   She also said that the fact that he is adopted fascinates her because she wants to adopt one day, and that she admires Lisa for adopting Max.  

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Look, Billie, I get it.  You hooked up with him for screen time and his family connections.  There are worse reasons.  I once hooked up with a guy for like, an entire semester in college so that he would take me to this really cool formal his fraternity had at the end of the year.  He took my roommate instead.  So, you know, life lessons.  Just like all you got from hooking up with Max was canned from a reality tv show.  Better luck next time!

Honestly, I’m kind of bummed that Billie turned out to be such a dud.  The show is filmed in LA and always makes a big production out of gay pride.  It seems like there should be at least some LGBQT representation among the cast! 

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