NeNe Leakes Swipes Fan’s Phone To The Ground As She Is Filmed At An Airport

Here we go, about to discuss NeNe Leakes. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is known for her hateful feisty reputation. NeNe has shown her cast mates she’s not the one to mess with. But we’re not going to talk about the closet incident. There will be no trips down fat shaming lane. This isn’t the time to reflect on her journey as a caregiver to her husband.

This conversation revolves around the people who watch her show. The followers who shower NeNe with praise on social media. The regular folks paying large amounts of money to see her at appearances. NeNe’s disrespect dysfunction with her co-stars has started to bleed into interactions with the public. Even other Bravolebrities have commented on NeNe’s delusions of grandeur standoffish manner. But the fans are the ones who keep this show going in the first place. Once again NeNe is showing us, she’ll do it her way.

NeNe has been “famous” for roughly eleven years. When we first met her, NeNe was a hotbed of one liners and sidekick of Kim Zolciak Biermann. Those were the good old days. Newer fans of RHOA might only know NeNe from her rough exterior and fragile disposition.

Back in May, NeNe found herself in a “heated argument” with another fan at an airport. She didn’t want to stop for photos, which caused the fan to mouth off. NeNe then advised the fan that her ass was in danger of being whipped. This event must have manifested into slight PTSD because NeNe is definitely not flying the friendly skies. Now different airport has suffered a fan run-in for NeNe. Let’s just say, it didn’t go well.

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According to BET, NeNe was recognized by a fellow traveler. The excited fan recorded NeNe as she headed in his direction. As she approached, the man said, “NeNe, how are you doing? Your No. 1 fan over there.” There was no insult. There was no heckling. There was no cursing. There was a compliment. And there was the annoyance of being a celebrity, filmed without permission.

There’s also video! Here’s where it gets impressive. While pulling her luggage, seemingly on a phone call, NeNe Ninja swiped the dude’s phone to the ground without missing a beat. Naturally the fan immediately uploaded it to Twitter, because this is what we do. His caption read, “THIS ONE TIME @NeNeLeakes slapped my phone out of my hand @Reagan_Airport #RHOA @Andy”

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Comments on the exchange varied from NeNe support to continued disgust of her attitude. One person wrote, “I love Nene but would have total respect for anyone in her position, that’s the problem with fans & phones, no respect for others only their own gains.” Someone else disagreed, “Isn’t she responsible for her bad behavior too tho? Her fans are what keeps her on TV and making money and living the good life.”

Another RHOA viewer is just done, “I have made excuse after excuse for NeNe, but I am done. She did not have to slap that phone out of his hand. Those fans made you. Self important bitch. Time for another OG to go. Bye Edges.”

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Which brings up a great point. Is it time for NeNe to go? Has her OG status made her feel invincible? Or is she a victim of unruly fans in public situations? NeNe might want to tone down her aggression in this age of cameras everywhere. On the heels of OGs dropping like flies, Big Bravo Brother is always watching.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]