NeNe Leakes Allegedly Receives $2.85 Million For New Season Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

What do you get if you are rude, crude, and socially unacceptable? Well, if you are employed by Bravo, apparently you get rewarded. Real Housewives of Atlanta star, NeNe Leakes, might be finding out that treating people in a manner, usually reserved for those who run over your dog, is actually great for the bank account.

In Season 11 of RHOA, NeNe took “playing the victim” to levels even Vicki Gunvalson has never reached. Not only did she make the entire season about herself, she participated in physical brawls, turned on her BFF, and blamed her husband’s cancer on his infidelity. Along the way, MeanNe lost friends, fans, and some might say her mind in certain cases. But hey, whatever works, and seemingly her nasty attitude worked in her favor.

Now that NeNe’s acting career has gone by the wayside, she is putting all of her eggs in one basket. And boy was that basket full. The past season was quite a ride for the veteran cast member, and she pulled every single card she had. But reality television loves a villain and so does the Housewives franchise. Case in point, MeMe might have gotten quite a hefty raise for her histrionics.

According to an article from RadarOnline, NeNe’s contract for Season 12 could buy her another nose, more teeth, and give her enough ammunition to continue being that person you love to hate. While the amount has not been officially confirmed, NeNe will be paid a whopping $2.85 million to treat people like crap. Let’s all take a collective deep breath together…

To give you some context, if this rumor is indeed true, it will make NeNe one of the highest paid housewives on Bravo. For literally doing nothing but being a bitch. Hello, Bravo? I am also a bitch and I can work for much less, just saying.

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Per the article, Bravo shelled out more coin for NeNe than Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Icki Vicki, and both Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Color me confused, is she worth that much money?

If you are currently raising your children to be kind, considerate, and good to others, this might question everything you have been previously taught. I am beginning to think maybe NeNe has some good dirt on one of the higher-ups at Bravo. Are the streets talking? Mama Joyce, can you get on this immediately?

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While NeNe makes it a point to comment on literally everything else about her, we have yet to see a confirmation or denial of this raise. But I’m sure she will take to social media in a manner of minutes to rejoice in her wallet and throw it in everyone’s faces. So let’s recap on this, shall we? NeNe managed to make Eva Marcille’s wedding about her own problems. She threw a hissy fit because Cynthia Bailey invited Kenya Moore to a party. NeNe treated husband Gregg Leakes like an inconvenience when he was diagnosed with cancer. She injured a Bravo cameraman when he was filming in her house because he went in her closet. And she fat-shamed Porsha Williams, who recently gave birth. Yes, that definitely sounds like someone who people want to see on a weekly basis.

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Whatever happens, if NeNe does, in fact, get this bump in salary, she isn’t likely to let ANYONE forget it. Season 12 is on track to continue with the NeNe Show. Buckle up and whatever you do, stay away from her closet.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]