Hannah Ferrier Below Deck Mediterranean

It’s The Final Charter On Tonight’s Below Deck Mediterranean!

On tonight’s Below Deck Mediterranean the final charter guests board the Sirocco for a lovely adventure of fun, sun, and relaxation. Well, that’s what’s supposed to happen anyway…

The last charter means that we’re almost at the end of this momentous season of Below Deck Med. And since there won’t be a reunion (WHY? Did Bravo ever offer a reason? I have my theories…) it looks like next week is actually the finale. 

But if ever a season needed a reunion, it’s this one! It’s been a dramatic one with multiple staff changes – 3 different chefs, anyone – and equally rocky weather!

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Tonight the Sirocco is down its bosun as Joao Franco is quarantined with a deadly virus. OK, so it’s not deadly, but he is running a high fever. Captain Sandy Yawn, working some more of her Captain Sandy’s Magical Staff Magic, asks Travis Michalzik to step in as bosun until Joao recovers.

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And lucky Travis – it’s more bad weather, which means the guests won’t be leaving the dock. This places more pressure than ever on the interior crew and especially Ben Robinson‘s food. Hannah Ferrier is already under a spotlight with Sandy expecting to be impressed by the two high-stakes parties requested by the guests. Hannah nails the events (and even the tablescapes!), but runs into major problems when, once again, Anastasia Surmava doesn’t get her morning duties done in time.

Sandy places the blame on Hannah for failure to lead effectively, prompting Hannah to make a shocking decision!

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Meanwhile, Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup‘s relationship finally goes to the next level, but this time it’s affecting Aesha’s stew duties. Or you know, everyone could just be over it and phoning it in for the final few days.

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