Below Deck Mediterranean: Joao Franco Says Hannah Ferrier Took Advantage Of The Deck Crew

Can you believe we are coming to the end of the Below Deck Mediterranean charter season? What a season it has been! Not only have we been treated to the beautiful vistas of the South of France, we have been treated to some beautiful drama from the crew and the guests.

Last season, chief stew Hannah Ferrier was the Queen of Boat Drama, mooning over bosun Conrad Empson. Hannah was freqeuntly derelict in her job duties, taking smoke breaks galore–and even took to her bed for a day with a bad case of Mediterranean Love Sickness. Try that with your boss and see what happens! This season, Hannah has seemed more committed to her job, boldly announcing at the start of the season, “I feel like this charter season my job is my number one priority.” Do Hannah’s crewmates think she has lived up to her lofty new employee performance goal?

Bosun Joao Franco was asked on a recent WatchWhat Happens Live Aftershow if he thought that Hannah has been taking advantage of the deck crew this season. Joao stated, “What happens is, if you get accustomed, for example, if she gets us to do something once, we’ll keep doing it. And then…then…when she has all her crew in, we were still doing those…those chores.”

Hannah lost one of her stews, Anastasia Surmava, when she was promoted to chef after Mila Kolomeitseva was fired for her subpar Taco Bell cuisine. It is understandable that Hannah needed a little more support from her crewmates when this happened. Especially as replacement stew June Foster seldom answered radio calls from Hannah. “June, June, Hannah…June, this is earth calling, do you read, June…?”

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When Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen asked Joao if he thought Hannah was taking advantage of the deck crew, he answered, “Yeah, but…but not deliberately. It just…it comes.”

Fellow WWHL guest and crewmate Ben Robinson jumped in, asking Joao, “Is it about taking the garbage out? Is that what it is?”

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Joao explained, “You take the garbage out once, as yachties know, you keep taking the garbage out. That’s your job.” Last week, Captain Sandy Yawn had a mini-meltdown when the deck crew did not respond to a call to take the garbage out. When, apparently, it is not really their job in the first place. Is that part of Hannah’s “my job is my number one priority” mantra?

All season, we have watched deck crew members Travis Michalzik, Colin Macy-O’Toole and Jack Stirrup helping the stew crew out. How often do we see the stews swabbing a deck or taking an obnoxious guest out for a jaunt on a jet ski? Would that be almost never?

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Has Hannah lived up to her end of the bargain as being focused on her work this season? Although Captain Sandy called Hannah out this week for her lack of leadership, overall, I would say yes. Hannah is no Kate Chastain, but I would rate her job performance as “Acceptable,” vs. last year’s “Desperately Needs Improvement.” I think we should hold off giving a final rating for a few weeks until the end of the season, however. You never know when a case of Mediterranean Love Sickness might be coming on!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]