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Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Guilt Ridden

Last week’s episode of Temptation Island was turned up to eleven. In only the second episode, someone decided to go with the strategy of “rip the bandaid off and get it over with” by hooking up with one of the singles. And that someone was Ashley Goldson. Her actions were most likely spurred when her boyfriend, Rick Fleur, told her “the handcuffs were off.” So now it’s time to make way for a new couple, Ashley G. and KB Brown, everyone! He’s the captain now. 

At the bonfire, Rick was shown footage of this shocking new revelation. Gavin Rocker’s jaw was literally on the floor, which was exactly my reaction as well. Surprisingly, David Benavidez and Casey Starchak were able to keep a straight face. But at the end of the day, all that mattered was what Rick thought. And his reaction was not quite what I had expected.

Rick shockingly decided to go with the attitude of “keep calm and carry on.” I had expected at least one tear, or fit of rage, but he handled it as classy as one could in that situation. Golf claps. Rick shared with host Mark L. Walberg, “I don’t think there’s no coming back from that, to be honest.” Well, Ashley did take Rick back after he cheated on her in the past, so there is still some hope. But the odds of a reconciliation don’t look good right now.

Back at the girls’ villa, more tears are shed post bonfire. Ashley Howland admitted she shouldn’t be so upset seeing Casey get twerked on. Kate Griffith took on the role of big sister and told Ashley H. to “never love anymore more than you love yourself.” Listen to your own advice Kate!

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Guilt Ridden

Esonica Veira confided in Kareem Thomas that it sucked that Gavin told a girl he barely knows that he’s not sure if Esonica is the one. Especially because she said nothing but positive things about him. Kareem advised that she needs to find a man that respects her. He was one step away from coughing, “Ahem, like me!”

Ashley G. hid under a blanket hoping her bad deed would go away. Instead, he came back for more. KB showed up to distill some words of wisdom as they cuddled in bed. He said to Ashley, “We grown right? We don’t need to regret nothing, ain’t no need to feel dumb about nothing. We good.” Not only is KB a captain but he’s a therapist too! What can’t KB do?

Over at the guys’ villa, there were no tears. Instead, it was full-on party mode. Everyone is twerking and dancing. Melisza McPherson had her bootie all up on Gavin. The only person not partying is Rick. Medinah Ali tried to get Rick to talk, but he wanted time alone to process what he had seen.

The next day, David tossed Kari Nesheim aside for time with Toneata Morgan and Samantha Hoffman. Samantha told David he’s pretty popular and that’s causing competition amongst the women. David laughed it off but you could tell he ate that up with a spoon. 

At the girls’ villa, the waterworks were finally off. The ladies opted to act like construction workers and cat call the men as they worked out in front of them. Hooray for reverse sexism!

Aden Twer pulled Kate aside to discuss the bonfire. When Kate saw that David had lied about not having a connection with Kari, she came to the conclusion that he was calculated in his behavior and just wanted to make himself look good. David has quite a few red flags popping up, doesn’t he?

Esonica connected with Kareem again. But, she did not hold back on her grievances against Gavin this time. She shared that Gavin hasn’t shown any interest in visiting her home island of St.Croix, and won’t even watch the local carnival with her on TV. Come on Gavin, be supportive of your girl! Also, if your partner is from a tropical island, you’ve hit the jackpot on having to travel there to visit family.

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Guilt Ridden

Mark then popped into the girls’ and guys’ villas to throw in a little twist. He asked them to pick one of the singles, if any, to boot off the island. Of course, all of the singles freaked out, as they are about to lose their free Hawaiian vacation.

The girls end up kicking off Alex Angell because they didn’t connect with him. And the guys booted off Sam Harb for the same reason. Anyone even remotely remember these two at all? It’s easy for them to boot people off now because there are so many singles to choose from, but it’s going to get trickier sending people home as the season progresses and connections are made.

Later that night, the girls keep up the good vibes. Ashley H. realized she can’t be mad at Casey for having a good time. She decided she needed to turn it up herself with some twerking. Girlfriend loves her some thong bikinis! She also got lap dances from her boys Ben Knobloch and Deac Conti. Two can play at that game, Casey! 

Later, Ben asked Ashley H. what was up between her and Deac because it’s obvious to everyone, ahem Ben, that they have major chemistry. What Ben probably wanted to hear was that she was actually into him, but instead, Ashley admitted that she only keeps Deac around because he reminded her of Casey. She also hoped that she wasn’t leading Deac on. Then she made Ben pinky swear that he won’t tell Deac. Ben is officially stuck in the friend zone.

Over at the guys’ villa, they are having a luau. Casey decided to let one of the girls take his underwear off, so all he had on was a chef’s apron. Medinah and Payton Burgess drooled in their confessional at what they had seen under that apron. Maybe Casey can be the next naked chef who cooks for the Real Housewives of New York?

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Guilt Ridden

Meanwhile, David and Toneata are giving each other massages in the hot tub. Is it me, or does it seem like David can’t wait to cheat on Kate, even though he said he would leave her if she did anything? While Toneata rubbed her butt onto David, everyone inside the house watched and gave commentary about how steamy things were getting. 

Casey exclaimed, “Why are they so close!?!” Then he dropped other gems like, “Titties in the face,” and “David and Toneata are f*cking tonight.” The irony is while he said that, he was still sitting naked with an apron on, and holding Colleen Powers’ hand right next to his crotch. I hope there was some hand sanitizer nearby. 

Off to the side, Kari couldn’t keep her watery eyes off David and Toneata getting way too close in the hot tub. Is Kari going to go all Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction on David? With this season as crazy as it has been so far, anything can happen. Kari then claimed in her confessional she was over David, but her look said otherwise.  

Rick announced that the old Rick is back, aka, “Slick Rick.” I guess “Mature Rick” was too boring for TV. And just like a bee to honey, Medinah is right there with Rick again. But Rick swatted her away because Ashley G. was on his mind and he’s not ready to be handcuffed to one person. But maybe Gavin is?

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Gavin pulled Medinah aside to let her know that he wanted to take her on a date, but has kept his distance because of Rick. Medinah is surprised. Why didn’t Gavin pull aside Melisza instead? She was totally into him earlier. Regardless, Medinah then ran right over to Rick to prove her point that if he won’t claim her, someone else will. Rick lets her know that he does like her but he wants to date other people while he’s here. When she went to protest, he kissed her and then told her to shut up. Who said romance was dead?

Everyone is pretty shocked when they realize they have another bonfire to go to. Ashley H. hoped Casey won’t be too upset with her twerking. Ashley G. admitted her feelings are up in the air and she could be hurting Rick. Hmm, ya think? Kate worried she was going to make David a better man for the next woman, but she should really think of it as David making her a better woman for the next man. I am liking this new, strong Kate!

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Guilt Ridden

The guys head up to the bonfire first. Mark checked in on Rick to see how he’s doing. Rick admitted that if he had been more vulnerable and shared more in the past, maybe they wouldn’t be in this situation. Mature Rick is back in the house!

Gavin gets shown footage of Esonica complaining to Kareem that Gavin isn’t interested in her culture. Gavin said he felt guilty and didn’t realize how important that was to her. Sigh. Gavin, you can do better than that!

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Then David got shown footage of Kate telling Aden that David isn’t authentic. David admitted that one of their issues is that she thinks he doesn’t care about her as much as she does for him. He also said he’s not “emotional” and wants to show he cares versus talking about it. David seems like he could be a sociopath. No emotion, lies, manipulative…I think Kate will dodge a bullet with this one when all is said and done.

Casey then gets shown footage of Ashley H. twerking and getting lap dances. Casey laughed it off and said she is the female version of him. Um, not quite. She wasn’t naked under an apron with a guy’s hand by her hoo-ha. Mark laid the hammer down and asked them if they understood “the level of risk that’s going on here.” He asked Casey if he even thought about the possibility of some of those guys falling in love with Ashley. Casey’s face read a big, fat, NOPE.

Rick has a look of dread as watched a clip of Ashley G. telling KB that he makes it easy for her to move on. Ouch. Rick bowed his head and got quiet. It was actually pretty sad. Gavin whispered to him that he’s sorry. Rick shared that he’s crushed and that it looked like she moved on with someone that she had an emotional and physical connection with. He wondered if there is anything left for them to salvage. 

As the girls go to the bonfire, Kate said she needed to trust David until she was proven wrong. Get ready to be proven wrong in 3…2…1. But first up is Esonica. She sees footage of Melisza twerking on Gavin. Esonica snapped, “First of all, I can dance better than that.” Boom!

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Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Guilt Ridden

Then Ashley G. got shown a clip of Rick opening up to Medinah and then kissing her. Ashley teared up and said maybe she is done. Mark wisely stated, if she is upset, that probably means she’s not done. Ashley hoped Rick can forgive her, but she’s not sure if she can forgive him. Wow. They have a lot of baggage to unpack here.

Next is Kate. We all know this won’t go well. All the girls’ jaws dropped at the footage of David and Toneata on top of each other in the hot tub, and Casey mentioning they are probably going to hook up. Kate is shocked. She told Mark that David is the one that wanted to come here so he could prove he won’t be tempted, and he has clearly disrespected their relationship. Mark drove it home when he said that David isn’t doing what he said he would do. David is showing his true colors and they are all shady.

Next up is Ashley H. No doubt she’ll be shown footage of Casey the naked chef holding hands with Colleen next to his balls. But in typical Temptation Island fashion, they’ve left us with a cliff hanger. All I know is, Ashley H. is going to cry and then probably get really angry. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if Ashley retaliates by turning it up a notch with her Casey double, Deac!


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