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Teresa Giudice & Her Daughters Are In Italy To See Joe Giudice For First Time Outside Of Prison In Years

Ciao y’all! Teresa Giudice has had a whirlwind life. Real Housewives of New Jersey made her famous. Committing fraud made her a felon. After she served time in the slammer for her crimes, it was her husband’s turn. Joe Giudice has been away from his wife and family since his prison term began in 2016. When his sentence concluded, he was immediately transported to an ICE facility because he is not a legal US citizen. While waiting for the final deportation decision, Joe requested to spend the remainder of the period in Italy, so off he went.

This is the moment Teresa and Joe’s daughters have been waiting for. The bags have been packed, the airplane is flying, and Blake Schreck is hiding in baggage the ladies are winging it to Italy. Teresa has admitted she is nervous for the reunion, and she has every right to be. This meeting with Joe could make or break her 20 year marriage. Only time will tell if the Giudices will remain a united front or if Joe will receive divorce papers through international mail. Tre’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga shared an update on what’s ahead for Teresa and the girls as they make this long-awaited journey.

The clock is ticking and the cameras will be rolling now that Teresa has finally joined her husband in Italy. Her father traveled there last week and has been spending quality time with his son-in-law. But all eyes will be on Teresa to see if Juicy Joe can once again dazzle her with his Jersey charm, or if she gives him the ‘ole, thank u, next treatment.

Melissa shared her feelings on the big event and why Teresa is experiencing great anxiety over this trip. According to Us Weekly, Melissa said, “At this point, they don’t know each other anymore. And they need to get to know each other again.” These two have a lot to work out. Teresa had remained relatively loyal to Joe during his prison stint, but when her mother unexpectedly passed away, her feelings of despair for Joe morphed into blame for the illegal activities.

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Melissa went on to share, “It’s only fair to give her that minute to get back together and see how they feel. It’s been a long time. She’s on her way to Italy right now and we’ll see what goes down. That’s a long time to be away from your husband.” Teresa’s old-school values regarding marriage took a hike after she essentially became a single mother to their four children. That said, things change and people evolve, four years is a long time to be separated and clinging to feelings of resentment.

Melissa spoke on the rumors that have been affecting the couple since Joe’s “vacation” began. After being photographed multiple times with a younger man, Teresa has been facing her own cheating allegations. Recently, Juicy and Tre discussed the rumors with Andy Cohen. “And they had a lot of drama. There was a lot going on. There was a lot of rumors on both ends. So we have to see what unfolds,” Melissa said. Joe has previously stated he does believe Teresa has been unfaithful, she continues to deny she has had relations outside of her marriage.

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While Teresa has admitted she will probably divorce Joe if he remains in Italy, love isn’t logical and it doesn’t care about anyone’s plans. Teresa and Joe could find they are better off apart and move forward sans drama but with the notion they will remain committed parents. Or Teresa could be struck by Joe’s epic weight loss and fancy MMA moves, and fall into his arms never to leave again.

One thing we know for sure, they won’t be dealing with it privately because they are famewhores cameras will be there to capture every moment. The moral of the story is, crime doesn’t pay, but Bravo will. The aftermath of violating the law is a guaranteed ratings bonanza, regardless of the family trauma involved. Hope the girls have fun seeing their dad and enjoy the time they have with him.

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