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Craig Conover Hints Southern Charm Is Returning For Season 7; Is Looking Forward To Having His Career Success Highlighted On The Show

Craig Conover had a mostly good season on Southern Charm this year, despite some hiccups along the way. He finally kicked it into gear to take steps to get his online pillow business started, which he later called Sewing Down South. Craig moved on from pining over his ex Naomie Olindo. He also revealed at the cast reunion that some of his erratic behavior during the season was due to his problem with Adderall, which he seems to have conquered.

It was exciting to see the positive changes in Craig after years of stagnation. Of course, we all want updates on what he has been up to since last season. Southern Charm fans know that the show usually films in the fall and it appears the cast is not currently filming. Shep Rose even stated on a recent podcast that he didn’t know if there was going to be another season. Say it ain’t so! But, what is the real truth about a possible season 7 of the show?

So far, there is no official word on the fate of Southern Charm, but Craig dropped a few hints about a new season in a recent interview with Us Weekly. When asked about season 7, Craig teased, “I don’t think I am supposed to tell you that yet.” Which, to me, is pretty much Craig saying, “Season 7 is happening and I am contractually obligated not to talk about it or I will be in big trouble with Bravo.”

Some fans have expressed disappointment with the latest season of Southern Charm. Something seemed off and the humor and fun of the show was lacking at times. Thomas Ravenel left the cast in a cloud of scandal last year and his ex Kathryn Dennis was locked in a custody battle with him, so she was often reserved and cautious during the season. Which was a bit boring. Maybe the producers are spending a little more time on gearing up for the new season.

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Although Craig isn’t spilling any beans on filming, he did state, “I’m excited that if it comes back, this will be the first year that I’m doing anything successfully, there was a lot of times that I was doing stuff, but it was half-assed.” That’s better than no-assed, Craig!

Craig went on to explain, “I’ve never been in this capacity before while filming. It’s great that I’ve had this fall to really focus on the company…I’ve never had a successful business on the show.”

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Seeing Craig having successes on Southern Charm is something many fans have been waiting for. In addition to his pillow line, Craig has also ventured into the restaurant business in Charleston, with a Mexican-sushi fusion restaurant called Mesu. Which would be a great place for filming–do you hear that Bravo?

One of the ways Craig has been promoting Sewing Down South is to have pillow parties, which have reportedly been very successful. And he wants to expand this idea by inviting buddy Austen Kroll along for the fun. Craig shared, “I really want Austen to get involved more. I want him to be the alcohol sponsor of our pillow parties.” Austen has been building his own business, the IPA beer Trop Hop, as fans know from last season.

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Craig continued, “But [with Austen], I’m seeing a lot of what I used to be stuck in before my team came in…It will just be new and I’m kind of excited.” Pillows and beer? Why not!

I think Craig might be on to something for filming for next season. Pillows and beer–and a special “medicine” drink for Patricia Altschul. I can just see Cameran Eubanks rolling around on the floor with lobster pillows after a few Trop Hops! Built-in marketing Craig, built-in marketing.

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