Danielle Staub Had Breast Implants Removed; Says They Were “The Biggest Mistake Of My Life”

Danielle Staub is a polarizing figure on Real Housewives of New Jersey. She has been engaged an astonishing 21 times. That must be a record, right? For Season 10, she is once again a Friend of the Housewives. Or should I say, a friend of one Housewife, and that is Teresa Giudice. Viewers know that later this season, the two frenemies have a falling out, and my curiosity is killing me!

For right now, Danielle believes that RHONJ co-stars Jackie Goldschneider, Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, and Jennifer Aydin feel jealous and threatened by Danielle and Teresa’s friendship. Whatever you say, Danielle.

Now Danielle is sharing that she needed to get something off her chest–literally. In an interview with People, Danielle revealed that on October 25 she had her breast implants removed. “I regret getting them in the first place, 100 percent. The biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life. Nobody wants to look that way anymore,” Danielle stated. “I haven’t wanted it for decades.” Danielle had a total of five breast surgeries, starting in 1992.

Danielle continued, “Do you know what it feels like to be stuck with a device in your body and look a way you don’t want to look? Mentally, I felt like I was trapped. And I hated them; hated the way they looked, hated the way people looked at me with them.”

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But the reason for Danielle’s surgery wasn’t just cosmetic. She was having health issues from the implants. The most recent implants were put in right before Season 2 of RHONJ began filming.

“I had asked for a C when I went down, and I woke up with a DD. And nothing felt right. My beasts, they immediately felt cold and numb,” the reality star shared. “I literally had no body temperature on my chest for years. And my skin was so thin around my breasts, you could see through it. It was like a couple of pieces of paper. I did not enjoy them at all.”

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Danielle thought that these issues were normal. She gave her plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Greenberg, permission to speak to People. The night before her surgery, Dr. Greenberg performed a sonogram of Danielle’s breasts.  “I’ve been working 25 years. I’ve seen everything, done everything, and corrected everything from others. And Danielle had a mess. She had a lot of scar tissue in there, deformed breasts, and one of her implants was ruptured, which caused a lot of pain,” Dr. Greenberg said.

Danielle placed a lot of trust in Dr. Greenberg. “My whole intention was not to have to put another implant in, but sometimes it’s irreparable,” Danielle explained. “I don’t have any tissue left, so there’s nothing else to do. So we went from removing them for my health purposes, to having to put something in, and I trusted him when I was under for him to give me as small as possible.”

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Danielle also suffered emotional distress because of the appearance of her breasts. “I was under much scrutiny on RHONJ at the time and it was a very embarrassing for me because everyone was saying things about my body and my boobs. If you remember, they were ignorantly saying that I had a ‘square t**s’ on the show, mocking me,” Danielle said. “And I’m not certain anyone understands what that does to someone’s self-esteem. I felt shame and ridicule. It was vicious and cruel, to make fun of another woman and body shame her like that.”

In the end, Dr. Greenberg used new gummy bear implants and gave Danielle a size B. Danielle was thrilled with her new “bubbies.”  She said, “I had tears in my eyes. I had so many years of complications and so many years of people overshooting what they would deliver. I’m so, so happy.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]