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Real Housewives of New York Star Dorinda Medley Says New Housewife Leah McSweeney Is A Mix Of Dorinda & Jesse James

Real Housewives of New York is currently filming and boy, do we need it. Even though Bethenny Frankel has moved on, the East Coast ladies rarely disappoint. Season 12 will find Luann de Lesseps drinking again off of probation and still trying to make cabaret a thing. Tinsley Mortimer will be reunited with on-again/off-again ATM boyfriend, Scott Kluth for the 80th time. Stay tuned for their 3 episode wedding arc, followed by Tinsley’s journey to the lawyer’s office.

Since B has taken a hike, a new cast member will be introduced. Her name is Leah McSweeney and by all accounts, she’s got a rep to protect. Leah has knuckle tats, y’all! Buckle up, Ramona Singer. If darling Ramona was incensed at Heather Thomson’s “Holla!” on repeat, this one is sure to put turtle time in time out. Leah has already been spotted publicly arguing with Tins and Lu at an anti-bullying event, because irony is the spice of life! Dorinda Medley actually likes Leah, for now anyway. She discussed the new cast member at BravoCon and what we can expect next season.

Let’s face it, no one said it was easy to be a first-year Housewife. Newbies literally step into the danger zone, usually on the heels of saying they have never seen a Bravo show before. A hostile environment filled with alliances, disrespect, and alcohol mud-slinging. Is it politics? No, it’s reality television, baby. And then you have the fans. People will decide 2 minutes after a name is published whether they get a chance or not. Leah has some pretty big shoes to fill now that Bethenny is gone. According to Dorinda, the kid will be alright.

Leah was finally confirmed as the new apple-holder during BravoCon, but we all knew it was coming. Dorinda sat down with Bravo’s The Daily Dish to give some insight on the newest team member. “Well, we always make it nice,” she said. Correction, martinis make it nice. There, I fixed it. I’m sure things will be great until Leah realizes she will be relegated to the Fish Room when the yearly Berkshires trip goes down. Dorinda’s hopes remain high though, “I think it’s an exciting season,” she shared.

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When asked for her thoughts on Leah, Dorinda seemed positive. She also alluded to the fact that Leah might be the one to watch. “I was the old gangster in town, but this one I think, she’s like Jesse James. I mean, I’m even a little taken aback by this one.” Sounds like Dorinda is saying Leah is not a punk. Hear that, Ramona? After all, this is a person who calls her fashion line, Married to the Mob. Golly, that just screams “street cred”, doesn’t it? While I doubt Leah is packing heat, she’s probably packing strong opinions.

Looks like Doris Dorinda is leaning towards Team Leah, because they have so much in common… Apparently, Leah’s affinity for being sassy reminds Dorinda of herself. Sure, Jan. “She’s blonde and blue-eyed as well, and she’s quite a little number. I really like her. She’s really good,” Dorinda included.

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Leah started her fashion line in 2004 after winning a settlement against the NYPD. She has also penned an advice column for Penthouse magazine. Oh goody! Leah apparently grew up a little rich girl but was kicked out of a fancy Manhattan private school when she was just 13. She is the mother of one daughter and hosts a podcast called Improper Etiquette. Heh, sounds like Ramona and Lu are in for it.

So if you thought RHONY’s new season will be a bore-fest because Beth took her toys and went home, hang in there. Reportedly, Leah has suited up and is ready to play. I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to the table. It looks like Ms. McSweeney will keep it gangster and keep it Gucci.

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