Bethenny Frankel & Luann de Lesseps

Luann de Lesseps Throws Shade At Bethenny Frankel; Says Cast Is “Relieved” She Is Gone

This is not entirely unexpected. Real Housewives of New York is filming right now, minus one melodramatic humanitarian. Yes, viewers will need to find the strength to move on without Bethenny Frankel dominating every scene she is in.

You won’t find Luann de Lesseps crying in the corner over the loss of Bethenny. Especially after last season. Luann has often been the target of Bethenny’s multiple mood swings and vice versa. Fans will also be introduced to new ladies that will inevitably be reduced to showing audiences if they crack under pressure have the right stuff. Good luck, Leah McSweeney! Now Luann shares her thoughts on life without Bethenny. You can take off your sunglasses for this one, because it gets a little shady.

All of the Housewives franchises have that one OG who seems to live in their own bubble. Whether it’s NeNe Leakes, Vicki Gunvalson, or Andy Cohen’s favorite felon Teresa Giudice, certain ladies command everyone’s attention. For RHONY, it has long been Bethenny’s jam. Now that she has departed the series to save the world and make more money, Luann thinks other cast members will finally be able to speak have their time in the spotlight. According to Luann, no one seems too broken up about moving forward and plugging their own stuff without one of their strongest personalities.

Lu gave an interview for Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show and HollywoodLife has the details. “Bethenny is a lot of fun, she can be really nasty, but she’s very funny,” Luann explained. Yes, Beth was particularly hilarious when she slut-shamed the Countess in the Berkshires. Lu also shared, “And you know, those are the kind of people you get up for in the morning because they challenge you.” I love this point because it’s true. Kind of a backhanded compliment, but valid.

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Luann then detailed the roller coaster relationship she shared with Bethenny. Lu said, “She’s not an easy person to manage and I just feel like that part I’ll kind of miss because it’s challenging.” Also true. The contentious vibe between Luann and Beth gave way to many storylines over the years. But it sounds like Lu wants to give it a go without the pressure of an armchair expert on the world criticizing her every move. And maybe the other ladies feel the same.

“Oh, I think the whole cast is relieved in a way,” Luann admitted. She continued, “I’ll miss her but at the same time when you’re around her it’s like walking on eggshells.” True. Beth has no problems sharing her wealth of knowledge on every topic. Whether it was bleeding fibroids or everyone but her being a drunk, Bethenny MENTIONED IT ALL.

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Luann must not fear any repercussions, “And it also leaves breathing room for other women to shine and show their personalities. Because a lot was Bethenny coming in and trying to steal the show.” Did it just get very dark in here? Yes, that was blatantly shady. But does Lu have a point? Many would agree Beth would stroll in a la Alex McCord in her Herman Munster boots, stomping around until the attention was focused on her. Remember Miami? Luann had her own narcissistic moment swiped away at a dinner table.

Luann then threw it to Jenny, “I mean, how would you feel? You know her.” Jenny did not hesitate with her reply, “I would feel relieved as hell if I was a cast member!,” she quipped. “I don’t like living in those kind of environments. It’s unhealthy.” Yes, but unhealthy makes for good reality television, Jenny.

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So it looks like we won’t see a lot of tears from the remaining ladies now that Beth is gone. Sonja Morgan can get plastered. Luann can continue trying to make cabaret a worldwide sensation. Dorinda Medley can take full credit for all Christmas decorations. And Tinsley Mortimer can date the wrong guy and FaceTime her embryos without shame. As an extra bonus, now they can all eat fish without anyone writhing on a bathroom floor!


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