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Austen Kroll Confirms That Southern Charm Hasn’t Started Filming Season 7 Yet

One of the things many fans of Southern Charm know is that the show usually films in the fall. Viewers are treated to the change of seasons in Charleston from sultry late summer days to crisp fall weather. The beautiful scenery is a part of the draw of the show, almost like another cast member. This year, the word is out that the show has not been filming as usual.

No fall filming? And no Kathryn Dennis parading around in eclectic seasonal fashions straight from the racks of Gwynn’s? The cast has been mostly mum on season 7 filming, but some information has leaked out. Shep Rose claimed not to know if there would be another season, but did confirm that the cast was not filming back in October. Co-star Craig Conover recently hinted there would be a season 7, but gave no specifics. While Craig and Shep were a little mysterious about filming, cast member Austen Kroll has spilled a few additional details that sound hopeful for a new season.

Austen gave an update on filming to Page Six at BravoConHe initially shared, “We are not [filming].” Which is definitely not the news that fans have been hoping to hear.

Fortunately for us–and unfortunately for poor Danni Baird–we all know that Austen has a difficult time keeping secrets. Thankfully, this time Austen isn’t spreading chlamydia rumors, but filming details. He revealed, “And what I’ve been told and what I should say is that it’s [filming] in our future. Just not entirely sure when.”

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That is great news for fans of the show! I will take this as a 100% verification that Southern Charm will be back. As many of the cast were at BravoCon at various events last weekend, it seems pretty clear that Bravo is heavily invested in the show.

So, what has Austen been doing in between seasons? “I haven’t had much of a down time in the past,” he admitted.

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“This has kind of been different for us, so it’s been a great opportunity for me to just focus,” Austen went on to explain. “Like focus on the things that are important in your life so that when filming comes back it’s just like, there isn’t a hitch in your giddy-up.”

No one wants a hitch in their giddy-up! Austen recently revealed that he and ex Madison Lecroy are back together, so I am not sure if she is the hitch or just makes him giddy-up. Or they have conveniently reunited just before filming, like forlorn exes without dates the week before prom. Drama is likely to be high for the threesome duo during season 7. You just know volatile Madison will be back, quenching her reality thirst!

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Austen also dished a bit more on the filming process vs. real-life, stating, “It’s like you’re moving and if you want to catch it, come on along for the ride. Not like, cameras are back, I’m going to pretend that I’m busy.” Pretend you are busy? Is that what Austen has been doing since becoming a cast member? You could have fooled me!

Once the show does resume filming, it seems likely that Austen’s Trop Hop IPA beer business will get a little screen time. It is actually nice to watch some of the cast channeling their reality fame into business endeavors, like his co-star Craig’s pillow business. And Shep’s podcast…oh yeah, that is already over, as he claimed it was too much W-O-R-K.

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For now, it is just a waiting game to see when filming of the new season starts. I am hoping that the extra time between seasons will be used for some re-tooling of the show, which was a bit on the dull side for season 6. A little more Patricia Altshcul and a little less threesome and chlamydia talk would be a great start!


[Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images]