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Southern Charm Stars Austen Kroll & Madison LeCroy Are Back Together

While we wait for an official announcement about Southern Charm’s return, viewers are still recovering from Shep Rose the multitude of drama the stars gave us in Season 6. Not only were we tortured by the reappearance of Ashley Jacobs, fans were also introduced to recent college graduate, Eliza Limehouse. We can blame Eliza for bringing Ashley back, but it’s safe to say Thomas Ravenel’s ex wasn’t the one who brought class and sophistication to the show.

We can save that honor for Madison LeCroy. As Patricia Altschul’s hair stylist, Madison could also call herself Austen Kroll’s girlfriend. Because unemployed men with zero ambition and friends like Shep are a hot commodity in Charleston! Austen tested Madison’s boundaries when he was busted having a threesome. Madison tested Austen’s nerves when she wouldn’t take any of Shep’s misogynist garbage. By the time the cast reunited for the reunion, Austen and Madison were sadly no more. Well, now that filming is about to start the holidays are approaching, we might have been given an early gift. Love is in the air! Sorry single gals and guys, it looks like Austen might be off the market again.

How do you recover from catching your significant other in his undies with two ladies of the evening? Duh, Madison got her friend to message someone else’s man on the down low to see if he would take the bait. The funny thing is, apparently these are grown people problems. Throw in a best friend trashing the relationship and talking smack about your ex-girlfriend and you can see Austen is clearly worth fighting for. Madison is definitely a fighter, but don’t tell her any secrets because she has no qualms about taking you there when she’s in a corner.

Looks like all of that fighting must have paid off for Mads. According to some Instagram posts, they are hooking up again the relationship is back on. While celebrating Halloween, Madison and Austen went all out on a couple’s costume. The beer maker transformed into, wait for it, President John F. Kennedy. But if you thought Madison donned a brunette wig and Chanel suit to strut beside JFK as Jacqueline Kennedy, you would be sadly mistaken.

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Madison went a different route and sauced it up as Marilyn Monroe. I have to say, she looked pretty good. Interesting choice for Austen and Madison, at least we weren’t exposed to a boring slutty pirate or Austen in anything revealing. Madison captioned her post with, “Happy Birthday Mr. President”. Awww, isn’t it nice to celebrate wholesome scenarios from history’s past? Austen shared his own snaps with the words, “If not us, who? If not now, when? -JFK” Wow, Austen must be so grateful for Google!

Now we can all rest easy knowing one of the more stable, non-toxic relationships on reality television appears to be back on. Hallelujah! Let’s just hope no one is lurking in the corner waiting to sabotage this gentle union. Congrats to Austen and Madison for hopping on the love train once again. Just in time for the new season.

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