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Eddie Judge Posts Statement After Fans Bash His Comments About Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth; Says “Ryan Is Not Mentally Ill”

Tamra Judge’s third victim husband, Eddie Judge spent a good part of last year struggling with medical issues. The Real Housewives of Orange County spouse not only had to contend with his wife’s winning personality, he also battled AFib and wound up having several surgical procedures. Or maybe Eddie’s body was stressed at having to constantly go high when Tamra was inevitably going as low as humanly possible. That’s our Tammy Sue!

Eddie has kind of remained in the background so far this season. Which, if we’re being honest, is the safest place to be in this Caligula-based nightmare no one asked for. When Ed finally had something to say, it caused quite a stir. His comments regarding Ryan Vieth’s emotional state were met with backlash by maybe 3 people viewers after the episode aired. Now Eddie is coming to his own defense and sharing more startling thoughts. The big guys at Bravo might not be happy with this one…

Tamra’s adult son Ryan has been experiencing life some issues. When Ryan revealed suicidal thoughts during a therapy session, Tamra made sure to film it became concerned. When she shared her feelings with Eddie, he wasn’t so sympathetic to Ryan’s plight. Naturally, fans on social media were quick to tell Eddie his remarks were out of line.

This week, Eddie clarified his views on Instagram. His message read, “Time to move on… just because you see it on TV doesn’t mean it’s real!” Oh gee, you don’t say? We’re all just a bunch of dummies out here in audience land. But still, you aren’t exactly supposed to talk about those things. It’s like Fight Club.

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Eddie also wrote, “I’m happy most of you understand this and those that do not, you need to learn how it works. Reality TV is not Reality. These shows are designed to get a maximum reaction from the viewers.” Most people are familiar with the producer-driven storylines. But some things are real. Like getting demoted because your life is boring and your lies are too much.

Then Eddie schooled the public with his savvy behind the scenes knowledge. “Has anyone reached out to a villain on a TV show and messaged him/her what a piece of shit he/she is because of what they saw that person do or say to someone else on that show? Oh yeah, no. Because someone wrote that script. Well, someone writes the script on reality TV. Just not exactly the same way a scripted show is produced.” I’m wondering if Tamra got a phone call once this post went up… So, what is Eddie’s point? Is he implying the, “when you’re struggling with childhood issues as a man, you’re not a man” thing was scripted for him?

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Regarding the comments about Ryan, Eddie’s sticking to them. “I stand behind what I said and never did I say that people with a mental illness need to man up. I understand mental illness.” Well yes, he would need to given his marriage vows. Eddie continued, “I also understand when someone uses mental illness as a scapegoat.” Set phasers to SNAP! Did he just do that? Oh Eddie, I love you how profound!

Not so fast! Eddie said he doesn’t think Ryan is mentally ill OR using it as a scapegoat. He is simply “struggling with life“. Which is fair, but is he struggling too much to get a job? Eddie also thinks someone doesn’t have to be mentally ill to feel depressed. Another a valid point. Then he wrote, “the TV show will figure out how to get max reaction by editing a touching moment in such a way to get you to watch for more. If they do not, then we have no show. Get it? The end!” We got you, Eddie but I hope this hasn’t gotten you #writtenoutbybravo.

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Now that Eddie has cleared all of that up we can go back to our general state of disgust confusion this RHOC season has given us. I hope the ALLEGED reality television script writing people will spare us any graphic restaurant scenes going forward. It would be great if they could write in some class as well.


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